babysworld_2.jpgI hear you are planning to have a baby…

If you considered only the financial implications of having children, you might end up childless. There’s no two ways about it: having a child is very expensive. Financial experts say a home is the biggest investment most people will ever make, but they’re forgetting about the cost of raising children, which far exceeds the average home price in many parts of the world.

Fortunately, most people don’t base this important decision on financial issues alone, but as with any other decision that will impact your financial situation, it’s smart to go into it with your eyes wide open and to be prepared. The changes that accompany adding a new little member to your family can be stressful, but you can reduce the stress greatly by minimizing the financial factor.

First, have you considered how you’ll manage on the reduced income caused by time off for the pregnancy and birth? Check with your employer to see if you’re covered by short-term disability insurance, which covers pregnancy.

In planning your personal finances for the baby’s arrival, there are several issues you need to consider. It’s time to get out a pen and paper and work out a budget that you can use once you’ve brought the baby home. Remember, these figures are in addition to your regular weekly and monthly bills.

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mand-saving-money-for-vacation.gifThe most popular way for families to reward themselves for months and months of hard work is a nice family vacation; it’s what we all dream about all year long. Escaping from your everyday world and your usual climate takes a lot of planning and financial resources, that’s why it is so important to create a budget all year long so you can reap your rewards.

Financial planning is a must for your vacation, not just simply setting aside an amount every payday but taking into consideration the timing of your vacation, do you have any idea how much you can save? In the travel industry peak vacation times are more expensive. What are they referring to as peak time? Usually it is in the summertime, because that is the time that families have to spend together because the kids aren’t in school. So it is to your advantage to entertain the idea of vacationing during these non-peak periods of time and make your family budget stretch to maybe a better vacation destination then you thought you could afford.

Accommodations can be made for your children to take school assignments on the vacation with them. This can also help if you are taking a long car trip or airplane ride, your children will have something to focus on and keep them busy during these times. Surely if you asked your child if they would like to take a vacation in the middle of the school year they would definitely love the idea and you will love the savings. Make sure to speak with your children’s teachers and school and there should not be any problem.

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saving_money.jpgYou know, in all my years, I have yet to meet someone who would freely admit that they have too much money. In today’s world, where social security is going down the drain and jobs are going out of the country faster than you can blink, saving those extra pennies from day to day can really add up.

Long terms goals are described as goals that have a lasting effect should a person’s present actions be religiously maintained.

The following statements are outlined to provide information and tips on how you can start up your money-saving gimmicks and ensure a happy and financially stable future and list the reasons as to why saving money should occupy a greater place in our list of priorities in life.

To really get the most out of what you can save from your expenses, think about what you buy on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. If you haven’t already practiced cutting your expenses, you might be surprised how much you can save.

Let’s think in terms of last months spending. If you carry a small notebook for a month where you write all the expenses you incurred, the following month you will be able to identify where you might have spent less and saved more.

Figure out what 3% of your gross paycheck would be, and set that money aside every time you get paid. If you have the discipline to keep it in your checking account, go right ahead and do that, but for most people, the only way to be sure that you don’t spend it is to make a withdrawal, and hide the cash in an envelope. Eventually, once you get a substantial amount, you can create your own savings account, which will considerably lessen the temptation to spend.

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funny_car.gifA relationship is an important part in a person’s life, but it can be affected by many external factors. One of these hazardous factors is finance.

Many relationships find themselves at the mercy of life’s worst enemy, money. It is clear to see why personal finances can have the power to erode any relationship. When our finances become organized, we often become slaves of our own debt.

This causes an enormous amount of stress and sometimes depression. Finances can make a couple experience a sense of disconnection and anxiety, thereby replacing affection with constant screaming or yelling or just plain animosity towards each other.

Unorganized finances can also make people edgy, as they sit and plague the sub-conscious, making it hard to enjoy the pleasures of being together. The best thing a couple can do to improve the connection in their relationship is to tackle personal finances together. This means to help each other through the dark tunnel that debt or bankruptcy can create.

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Every morning I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work. – Robert Orben.

When I was young I used to think that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old, I know it is. – Oscar Wilde

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. – Oscar Wilde

Rich or poor, it’s good to have money. – Sid Lance

The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket. – Frank Hubbard

In God we trust, all others must pay cash – American Proverb

pr80915.jpgYou have heard it often buy dips in bull markets and wait for the market to rise but buying dips is not as easy as it first seems and most traders lose. Let’s look at how to buy them correctly, avoid losing trades and pile up some good profits.

Ask yourself this question. If you see a level of support and prices are moving down towards it – price momentum and the trend is against you. So why do you want to buy? Most traders will say support “should” hold, so get in just above at support and you’re in with good risk reward.

No your not – The markets are not as easy as that. The fact is that levels of support that “should” hold more often than not don’t hold. Trader gets stopped out as support is taken out. Doing this in leveraged markets will soon see your equity wiped out.
The better alternative. Is to look at price momentum and get confirmation that the support level HAS held and prices are moving up again after TESTING support. You’re not predicting – you’re acting on CONFIRMATION and trading with the trend. The way do this is top use an indicator that measures price momentum and near term strength.

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Bull Market

Firstly the bull is a buyer and the bear is “always” a seller. The bull buys because he wants to make money, (don’t we all?). In a “bull market” novice traders rush into every reasonable opportunity they can afford. These trades are not based on good management or risk control.
Please try not to get caught up in this market hype. If you start to chase prices upwards there is a very good chance you will pay too much for them, only to watch the share price start to recede when the buying panic is over.

A bull market tends to be associated with increasing investor confidence, motivating investors to buy in anticipation of further capital gains. In describing financial market behaviour, the largest group of market participants is often referred to, as a herd. This is especially relevant to participants in bull markets since bulls are herding animals. A bull market is also described as a bull run.

Bear market

The bear is more complicated and can sell for different reasons. This can be just to lock in a profit because he thinks the share price is about to go down. The most fearful of the bears sets the lowest price for the day. This is done by offering to sell his shares at this level.

A bear market tends to be accompanied by widespread pessimism. Investors anticipating further losses are motivated to sell, with negative sentiment feeding on itself in a vicious circle. Prices fluctuate constantly on the open market; a bear market is not a simple decline, but a substantial drop in the prices of a range of issues over a defined period of time. By one common definition, a bear market is marked by a price decline of 20% or more in a key stock market index from a recent peak over at least a two-month period. However, no consensual definition of a bear market exists to clearly differentiate a primary market trend from a secondary market trend.

hourglass.jpgMore than any other factor, it is the primary, or underlying, direction of the stock market that will determine the success or failure of a trading position. A stock can have a fabulous story, great fundamentals, a good technical position, strong sponsorship and yet turn into a bad trade if you are going long and the market is headed down. The same is true of an undistinguished stock that just goes up because it is being carried along in a strong up market. Stock Market Timing is a Stock Market direction system that forecasts the future short term direction of the market.

Isn’t it a smart play to cash in your stocks and ride out a down market? You can preserve your capital and jump back in when stocks begin moving up again. As logical as that strategy sounds, it is fraught with peril for most investors. There are several problems with “playing it safe” by cashing out and you may, in fact, create additional risks in doing so.

The first problem is knowing for sure that the market is turning bearish and not just in a temporary bad mood. A prolonged downturn doesn’t announce itself with great clarity. If you are wrong and the market shakes the blues and rebounds, you’ll be stuck on the sidelines buying back in to rising prices. You sold because prices were dropping and now you’re buying back in to rising prices.

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Make the Stock Market crash work for you Losing money never feels good, but keep your cool and you can boost long-term returns.

Last Tuesday The Dow Jones Industrial Average had its biggest one day point drop in around six years on surging volume at the New York Stock Exchange. In this single trading session, all of the market’s gains year-to-date were taken back and actually turned negative. Don’t panic! It takes nerves of steel to shake off a stock drop like the one that came Tuesday – even conservative index-fund investors are more than 3 percent poorer. But the world’s best investors not only shake them off – they thrive on them.

They know sell-offs are common, perfectly normal, and even healthy. When stocks go way up in a hurry, their prices become unrealistically high. Only by falling occasionally (and even sharply) in the short run can stocks continue to rise in the long run – without the agony of today’s drop, the ecstasy of tomorrow’s good returns becomes impossible. If ever there’s been a good time to panic, that had to be it. But as the old saying goes, things are darkest before the dawn. If you’d sold out of stocks at the end of a depression, you would have missed the returns that followed.

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Stock Market The financial media constantly reports about momentum stocks that are achieving tremendous gains during the same day. And even when you can see online investors that make $5000 on a single trade, it is also not unusual to watch beginner stock investors lose a great deal of money because of a series of unwise decisions.We all know that in the stock market is always possible to watch certain stocks go up more than 100% within a few hours to days. This is especially true in the 4th quarter of the year where the buying frenzy starts in Wall Street.

The financial media constantly reports about momentum stocks that are achieving tremendous gains during the same day. And even when you can see online investors that make $5000 on a single trade, it is also not unusual to watch beginner stock investors lose a great deal of money because of a series of unwise decisions.The problem is that if you don’t know how to pick among stocks & how to properly approach them you could end up wasting dollars instead of making your wallet happy. You can’t just trade stocks like if you where gambling.

The first step in becoming a profitable trader is to start learning how to pick and trade stocks. There are many “ultimate” trading systems out there, but you need to test them in order to discover which ones help you the most. That’s part of your homework as a stock trader. Test several strategies and then test them again until you are able to produce consistent winnings.

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