Do You Deserve Money or are You Mistaken?

money-head.JPGIf you are like most people, you do not feel that you “deserve money”. The simple fact is that most people are broke. Most people are broke because they do not feel that they deserve money.

To be financially successful you must: save prodigiously, invest wisely, and act like an entrepreneur. If you don’t believe you are capable of financial success, figure out why.

OK, maybe now you are thinking, “I deserve money…right?” Well, here is the thing, if you have the thought that “It takes money to make money”, or “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”, or “Money is the root to all evil”, then you do not deserve money…well, maybe not yet, but there is hope for you.

There are two sides to every coin, people can look at money as good or bad and often at times people look at money as bad to justify why they do not have any. I dont know, maybe someone with money or someone that was thinking of making money was with someone that did not have any and did not have any plans to make any. What they thought about having lots of money and they gave off one of the lame excuses as suggested in the previous paragraph.

Why do you deserve money? The answer is simple…because you deserve money! Look, making money is simply the result of exchanging your efforts or ideas for money.


There are a many ways to make a million dollars and most of them are quite fun ways to make money and thats the key! If you are willing to learn how to have fun, make money and teach others to do the same, then it should end up being easy to make the money for you.

Start with this; how much money would you like to have, then ask yourself how much money do I currently deserve doing what I am doing now? If the answer is not 10-20 times more, then you are not doing the right thing to attain the amount that you would like to have. Time to change…

Change…is the word “change” scary to you? If it is, then you do not deserve money! Broke people are afraid of change. Change is natural and should be embraced by everyone. If we do not embrace change in our life then we are accepting where we are and probably will stay where we are. If you are happy with what you are making and like where you work, then go out and buy your boss a gift basket, sit down, be quiet and stop complaining about your finances.

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4 Responses

  1. GM says:

    Change is very scary to some so scary that they are willing to remain in a dead end job for years out of fear.

    I noticed it more on older folks, but the truth is with the experience they attained throughout the years they can get higher and better jobs but they are afraid of change.

  2. Robin Bal says:

    Hi GM,

    Thanks for your comment mate. I agree change IS very scary and a lot of people would prefer to stay where they are, rather than change.

    There is an element of risk involved with change, so not many are willing to take that risk.

    Take care and cheers.

  3. Changes in life is inevitable. If we stop expecting and welcoming changes, we are stopping ourselves from learning and progressing. And increasingly, we would feel we don’t deserve money because while we are slacking behind. Good post with a meaningful message deserved to be stumbled. 🙂

  4. Robin Bal says:

    Hi Viv,

    You are right, changes are inevitable and we have to welcome them, changes are invariably for the better. Thanks for the stumble.

    Take care and cheers

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