India Will Soon Shock The World As The Next Superpower

India is leaving the Third World so fast that it is almost possible to watch it happeneing.

Many write off India as backward and poor. The reality is that its billion people have a booming economy, excellent education and limitless ambition – and they are ready to take over the world. America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East face a reversal of fortune that will astonish us and overpower us if we do not revise our rapidly dating assumptions and prejudices.

Yes India still has poverty with the power to turn the stomach. Yes, there are still elephants striding nonchalantly through the boiling city traffic and cows on the loose in the heart of a megalopolis which crams the population half the size of Australia into fewer than 750 square kilometers. But heartbreaking as these images are, they are not a true indication of the new civilisation which is growing here in the world’s largest free country.

In India, the amazing thing is that all the intelligent people are optimistic. The economists, the writers and the thinking classes in general, are full of an infectious patriotic delight at the way their mighty country is preparing for world power. No douby some unpredictable disaster could unhorse this new hope. A recent article in Forbes mentioned that India would have the maximum number of Billionaire’s in 10 years time.

The world is paying too much attention to China and too little to India. America and Europe, in particular, simply havnt been able to cope with the threat India’s information technology industry poses to their own jobs. “They could not believe Indians could do this. To them, this was still a country of snake charmers.
In any Indian there’s now a sense of tremendous belief in the future. Even five years ago there wasn’t. We used to be apologetic about our identity, today we want to flash our identity – as Americans have always done. The lower middle class used to lament that the rich would get richer while they stayed stuck or even sank lower into poverty. They no longer believe that.”

While most of the world has been looking at China, or has been distracted by America’s clumsy and self destructive attemt to spread freedom with smart bombs and tanks, India has been incubating an economic and social revolution that is just as significant. With a population of one billion, most of them young and huge number in their 20’s, it is not far behing China’s 1.3 billion in sheer numbers.

But it has significant advantages which China does not possess and may never achieve. China is a police state with muzzled media and is run by a rigid, secretive elite wothout the rule of law. Crucially in India it is the poor who vote most of all and, as a result they have astonishing power. It is one of the many examples of the way in which the old British India is now utterly dead, but now ideas which were truly British have been successfully adapted to Indian needs.

Now you know why the slums are not bulldozed and their inhabitants rounded up and expelled as they might be in China or other parts of the world, and why nothing is done to prevent migration to cities by poor country families hoping to better themselves. India speaks English and in – in one of Britan’s greatest and least noted achievements – is the greatest functioing democracy in the history of the world. A genuinely free press is increasingly bold in exposing corruption and abuse of authority. At the last elections 400 million people voted and the existing government was evicted from power without violence.

And now India has what must be surely the world’s biggest and fastest growing middle class. Thanks to the economic reforms in the early Nineties, and to long quiet growth before that, this confident growing class now has the purchasing power to sustain lasting economic growth and the political power to demand serious reform.

The reverence for education and self improvement here is comparable to America in its great days, when everyone assumed that tommorrow would be better than today, and was determined to make sure it would be. A wise investor here would be setting up as many high quality, affordable private schools as he could build.

We should take nothing for granted about India except that it is changing with great speed and that it is, just now, one of the most hopeful places in a world badly in need of a new great power that believes in freedom and democracy.

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19 Responses

  1. Caul says:

    they have thing called spellchecker, it checks your spelling

  2. Great analysis there Robin, thanks.

    Add to it the fact that 50 per cent of India’s population is younger than 25 years of age, and English-speaking and computer and Internet literate.

    Plus, add to it the fact that only yesterday India beat the world record by sending ten satellites into orbit in ONE launch.

    Anybody sellin’ India stock?

  3. Chui Tey says:

    And only India has Aishwaya Rai.

  4. Ernie says:


    Too bad they don’t have an article checker, to tell you when to use ‘a’. Then all you’ll need is capitalization checker, semicolon checker, and period checker.

    Or maybe you can just check your urge to give editing advice.

  5. rosalie says:

    We love the country where we came from,, thats the fact and all i can say is that,,
    let other people from other nation say what kind of country or people you came from.. and let them judge!! we cant please anybody here….

  6. Hopefully in a few generation time, there will not be any poverty and hardship in such a beautiful country.

  7. Doug says:

    Caul and Ernie,

    I would recommend both of you to shut up!

    Indian people are one of the most humble and family oriented of all. unlike your white trash folks poor people in India have a lot of self respect. They don’t do drugs or shoot people on the streets there.

    BTW, the shirt on your back might be made in India. if it weren’t for Asians you wouldn’t be enjoying things that you are right now.

    As for grammar that feature was probably implemented by some Indian software engineer for Microsoft!

    why don’t you move to England so that you can learn and flaunt your proper English mate?

  8. Ernie says:


    I was civilly reprimanding Caul for emphasizing the grammar over the content, and then you take ME to task? With your crude “shut up” no less?
    I would recommend you move somewhere where someone is kind enough to teach you how to think your criticisms through, mate!

    And I AM Indian, so your half-assed lecture was as unnecessary as your lame admonition.

  9. Birmingham SEO says:

    Interesting take on India becoming a super power. I actually don’t think it is as big of a threat as china.

  10. Spooky says:

    All She need is a good young leader with future vision and ability to coordinate the political parties and promising youth to further grow towards perfection.

    India has the ability to over come the world crisis/conspiracy if the situation in India continues like the present, but if She gets a proper leadership in to power, we can see India getting in to the No.1 super power position by 2025.

  11. jayadeepan says:

    India and china was superpowers for last two thousand years And it is true that your white grand parents would use an old boat and try to escape to India. India and china is supporting your US economy now other wise if some body push your American economy it will fall off. India always sustained and maintained world economy and it will this time teach Americans and Europeans how to do real math so that they can sustain their banks.

  12. Komal Aggarwal says:

    india will surely rule the world b’coz its my cntry & I will make it rule . india has all capabilities & potential….luv u india

  13. Paki-boy says:

    But what of Pakistan, we are great as well even though we are overrun by minority extremists at times. We were once the same-it is still the land of ancient Indus, Bharat!

  14. Varad says:

    An Indian from 1st grade can solve a math problem of an American or any European from the 10th grade that is the difference between the level of intelligence. US has got all it has today from the Money that it made japan invest into them by making the Japanese sign the treaty in the year 1951. How many Americans work for NASA? NASA mission control has over 40% Indians and other Asians. The only thing India lacks right now is proper amount of money to pay the bright minds so they stop going abroad and helping the Americans and working towards a better India and I don’t think that day is far when US’s GDP would be half of India’s and the rate of the Dollar would 5$ for every Rs

  15. Ananthu says:

    Without any doubt we can say that india is going to be the next superpower….because it is developing like anything….

  16. pankaj indian says:

    i read all comments.i can say india can be next superpower if the corrupt politicians are removed from the system and indian democracy should become modelled completely on pattern of america.hopefully indians are working hard to achieve successes and fame to their country as indian politicians are working hard to fill their pockets and swiss hopefully anyhow india will continue to develop and will one day become like america.

  17. jitu says:

    Proud being an Indian and as always was…Jai Hind…and you CAUL STFU..faggot bloody moron…



  19. aji says:

    well we indians talk so much. let’s see what is this country future. Forget about superpower, first thing about a proper developed nation with this 1.2 billion people. I don’t think we are gonna make it very soon. Go out of city and see for yourself. You can even even look at mumbai city. Millions of beggar and poor salary people. Even a good salary family living in a congested building with dirty and bad smell nearby. And we just thought we are best living condition. Go to any developed country and see their living condition. We will never reach that level in thousnd years. Remember we 1.2 billions people, & in 20300-40 will be 3 billion. Just hope for a good average living condition for all that’s all. I don’t why we indians are always exaggerative and oversensitive and over patriot on everything. If we are the best tell any bill gates or steve jobs from india. Even Taiwan is doing far more better than india. youtube founder, yahoo founder all are from taiwan. We indian always talk loud and overproud. Others are doing quitly. look at the Korea 30 years ago we have same per capita income. Now they are higher than USA. Now taiwan is on top. They do quitly. We will be like this only hanging with overconfidence. What we know is business, end coding, and earn money anyhow. In this article, it is only we indians defending and fighting like our own habit of “GUNDA GARDI”. I really don’t like it. Look our medias they all are covering ourself from other worlds. Let me be honest. We are not going to world leader, we contribute nothing to this world anything new creative thing. We only do jobs and live. i have no idea how our fellow indians come up so many bad things about other country like the GIANT USA. If you count every great scientist, writer, inventor, film maker, sportsman and many more of this country, your mouth will tired.

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