Intelligence Redefined: Are You A Gifted Person?


For a long time the meaning of giftedness has been restricted to the rigid confines of achievement and accomplishment. Academic toppers are, and should be entitled to their share of glory, but in the process of lauding top scorers and scholarship winners we may be crowding out those who actually have advanced and complex patterns of development but just don’t fit the system’s definition of ‘top students’.

Characteristics of gifted individuals: If 75 per cent of the following 37 characteristics fit you, you are probably a gifted adult.
Are you a good problem solver?
Can you concentrate for long periods of time?
Are you a perfectionist?
Do you persevere with your interests?
Are you an avid reader?
Do you have a vivid imagination?
Do you enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles?
Often connect seemingly unrelated ideas?
Do you enjoy paradoxes?
Do you set high standards for yourself?
Do you have a good long-term memory?
Are you deeply compassionate?
Do you have persistent curiosity?
Do you have a good sense of humor?


Are you a keen observer?
Do you love mathematics?
Do you need periods of contemplation?
Do you search for meaning in your life?
Are you aware of things that others are not?
Are you fascinated by words?
Are you highly sensitive?
Do you have strong moral convictions?
Do you often feel out-of-sync with others?
Are you perceptive or insightful?
Do you often question rules or authority?
Do you have organized collections?
Do you thrive on challenge?
Do you have extraordinary abilities and deficits?
Do you learn new things rapidly?
Feel overwhelmed by many interests/abilities?
Do you have a great deal of energy?
Often take a stand against injustice?
Do you feel driven by your creativity?
Love ideas and ardent discussion?
Did you have developmentally advanced childhood?
Have unusual ideas or perceptions?
Are you a complex person?
*Adapted from the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development.

One way to identify gifted individuals is their style of thinking. They usually employ divergent thinking. Their style is original and they tend to come up with crazy ideas, which other people find strange. But sometimes it is these crazy ideas that go on to become the most recognized ones of our time.

Gifted individuals face many challenges, with one of biggest being the inability to be correctly identified by the individuals who should be helping them realize their true potential.

As with any other student, it would be a shame if parents, teachers and peers did not recognize the strengths of gifted students and allow them to reach their true potential. But what must educators and parents do in order to make sure this does not happen?

However until more help is readily available, what are the gifted to do?

Sadly, not enough is known about giftedness. More time and energy need to be spent identifying traits among the gifted, especially since it is these students who go on to contribute much to improving the state of our world.

Acknowledge the possibilities, identify your capabilities and allow yourself to be different. You never know, you may be the next Einstein.

Now its your turn to talk. Have your say:

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113 Responses

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  2. csusernameu4 says:

    I am a newbie here! I would like to validity alongside offspring friends, furnish infected with reborn ideas and learn more knowledge. Hankering you intention pleasing me here!

  3. Savior says:

    If these questions are vague then well perhaps they were very significant in helping you realize the inverse relationship between the gifted and yourself.

    Also, Putting down other’s ideas are a clear indication of ignorance and self deception which are two characteristics that gifted people are incapable of having.

  4. SuperKadorseo says:

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    I am totally noob but I am motivate.

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  7. Jashon says:

    I’m loving stuff like this, though after looking at another article, this one’s comments are TL;DR.
    What’s interesting me at the moment is my sudden urge to Google this stuff.. I had just been thinking that I get bored with everything in life and I’m always searching for meaning, always out of the loop and I feel like an outcast or misunderstood. I’ve always enjoyed things like mazes and puzzles, and also created odd contraptions with various materials in my life time.

    Then I get to reading these articles and after comparing 2 of them I match over 80% of everything that would imply being gifted.. it gets me thinking, am I truly gifted?
    But of course I’m not going to do anything about it to find out other than taking an IQ test maybe, but I could care less about those kinds of things, I would like to go on venting more but I’m sure people don’t want to read all of it so I’ll just keep quiet now.. thanks for plastering this to the internet!

  8. mforbes says:

    Giftness is great but to succeed in life there’s a lot more in consideration than just being smart, being gifted myself, I find that the road to happiness and success is through hard work, focus and emotional intelligence which does not come with intellectual intelligence, most gifted people learn to survive by using logic decisions but not all decision should be made that way. In fact is a combination of mind and heart, that helps. And success can’t be measured by the amount of money you make is about how many lifes did you change in one way or another. Hope you guys can understand this

  9. Mikey G says:

    I am a 24 year old guy. I have just read all of them questions and can honestly say I can answer more then 75% of them questions with a yes. I could explain how I come to this conclusion and I could no doubt make you understand it.. But my gift works against me too.. So I’m having to work twice as hard to live a normal life.. As my mind constantly needs stimulating and when it’s not.. I start to fall into situations and end up making decisions that will lead eventually to ruining the happiness of myself and every one around me. Im a loved person.. By a lot of people.. Even the envious ones who are jealous of my singing voice and talk behind my back.. But I know whos saying what and I know how to go about minimilising the conflict as well as them knowing im not an idiot. I find it hard to get across my whole point, there’s just too much to say.. And it makes me just sound like a cocky guy.. I’m not.. I’m humble but I know what I know.. And I wish I just knew for sure I was gifted because that would stop me having this constant battle in my head and thinking its all my own fault.. It sends you insane. Sorry to waffle.. 🙂

  10. lana says:

    waw amazing poepl are there with me :p

  11. Ty says:

    If you are truly gifted you aren’t reading this to find out if there’s a “chance” you could be gifted, but rather to confirm your own conspiracies of what you already know about yourself. If you reject this list, you are not gifted, because a gifted person will not read them litterly, but rather apply the traits as missing pieces to a greater picture. I personally do not like the term gifted, for we are all gifted, and yes some are more “gifted” than others, I still don’t like the term, maybe cause it forces the stereotype we receive if we announce such a claim of ourselves. I thought I’d add some of my own experiances so that others can see if they relate in these areas. I know I’m gifted, because if you truly are you know from the day you. An logically grasp your surrounding in coordanance to others, but these are not scenarios that prove so, I’m just stating some of the things that were a itch for me growing up and other odd and in traits.
    I never had a problem with work in school, throughout elementary I was always straight a’s but I went to private school until 8th grade and their eduacation structure left litter room for one to fail or to accel more than the other. If one kid was ahead everyone they made sure the other students caught up. Anyhow from 8th grade on after moving to public school, anything above c was impossible, on the quarterly grades at least. I used too much reason and made following orders difficult. For example long division, a problem could take what seemed to be five to ten minutes to write everything out, and we would receive 50 problem assignments, all problems using the same concept. It was my reasoning that I could do ten problems properly and correct, and prove that I understood the concept, which is the goal rather than litterly finding the answers. Therefore I wasn’t going to waste my time when it was the concept of how, which I knew, that would pertain to my life, and not the answer to 48 dived by 63. So I never would finish a mass assignment, I refused to. I would do a few, until I felt my worked show I knew how to divide the specific number type, then turn in my work. I would explain that I’ve showed you that I am fully are how to and will pass when we take the test, so I’m not took to waste time with these pointless numbers, while I’ve got 6 other subjects of pointless repition, and while trying to run a band after school. You can fail me or pass its up to but I will not waste my time on the classroom. When it came to book reports, I refused to read the books. I liked reading, but I didn’t have the time. So why would I workin my ass off to somehow fit this book into myschedule, when I won’t even get to enjoy the book, I can make up a much better story than I could read, so what’s wrong with doing a report on a story I create. So I would wait until ten minutes before it was do, grab a report paper and make a story, main character, plot, ect… If they ever looked up my book and couldn’t find it, I would say I had an uncle who lived in Denver and was an amateur author who recently gained an independent publishing deal and was only able to distribute to a handful of bookstores locally, and sent our family a copy in the mail, it was brilliant, I got the highest scores every time when I would of gotten much lower scores if I actually did the reports. I made up anything I could, anytime I could find a loophole to “wing it” I did, and those were always my best grades…I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t a “good writer” if my intro was one sentence too long, or why I had to spend my entire science class writing notes every moment trying to keep up with the teacher and not just actually listen to what he was sayin to learn something. Because protocall and doing things their way was more important than the big picture. As I said anything above a c was impossible, cause I could never meet protocall since I refused to do things I didn’t find nessacary. We had to keep every assignment we ever did in folders in order and turn them end at the end of the semister for a bit chunk of our grade. I wasn’t going to do that, I had enough trouble being organized I wasn’t about to fill my bag with so many papers that I couldn’t find what I needed. So of course even though I may of had a b from all our testing can rolling out th assignments I wouldn’t do, once folder check came my final grade was a d. I started smoking at 15, I got addicted quickly, and even though I knew that I shouldn’t be smoking at 15, my logic was well I’m addicted so either I can not be focused and on the ball or I can go have a cig and be fine, so no matter how much I got in trouble, I wasn’t going to not smoke if I was going to effect my performance. So I’d get detention. In detention we would have to do the work we were missing that day times 3 as punishment, which did not have to be completed before we left, and we also had a detention assignment, to write definitions, enough that unless you loved definitions, 80 percent of the day went to it, and these had to be completed before we left. So even though I obviously didnt start smokin for my grades, I took higher risks because I didn’t want to be pissed and out of focus while in class, which would ge me in trouble leading to piles of extra work not being completed leading to bigger piles and an un escapable hole. So this ruined my already terrible grades. I dropped out at 16 because i felt I’d learn more in the real world and I was sick of the hipocracy and the way I was treated, I was probably the most intelligent in the high school but it didn’t matter. This school was in Missouri, and all that matters is sports and gpa. Thu detention system was part of many programs I was involved in that they created to ween out those who posed a threat to the school ratings, and almost students not involved in shool activities eventually dropped out. Now the city has a miserable drop out rate and a terrible drug problem, drugs are okay in sports though, of course…the principle labeled me autistic, which now that I’m older isn’t so appalling, considering i see traits of asburgers in myself, but still I was always being labelled something far from the truth, be ause they didn’t understand my reasoning. I asked why too much, that would be my main downfall, why…You see, being gifted is like being cursed, life is sometimes too much, because you can’t just worry about your own. You experiance many different emotions at once with more observation toward them than the average person while tryin to fit in. People despise you and claim you to be a false intellect because you seem akward socailly in person, but write as if a complete different person. They get angry at the length of replys you give, and they just plain don’t understand anything about your thought process. So you make great friends and lose them constantly, as they find you too much to handle, too serious, when your not serious at all. You want to talk about the world, and it’s too much for others so they get bummed out. They get angry because you morally lecture without realazation. You only get alon with those older, but they are normal so it creates an even more intense balance. You deal with every emotional issue imaginable, because you Re so aware of you’re emotions, while worrying about your friends emotions, be use you think you’ve got him figured out, while worrying about his father, while thinking about his fathers life as a child, while thinking of those older times, while feeling sadness that you can’t experience those times, while fearing the ignorance of your generation, while seeing empire tyranny in the middle east and all over the world, while watching friends die because of a corrupt drug war, while fearing the world war 3 or the apocalypse or what have you because you don’t just see a car bomb in Mesopotamia, you see a car bomb related to a shooting related to an IED related to an airstrike related to a holy war related to this to that to this to that related to Russia related to china related to the same nations the day before relate to the treaty the day before that and it goes on and on in a scenario where one image you see on tv is tied into ten years of images and a massive game of connect the dots with unthinkable results, while your friends still trying to find a job while your still trying to finish a song that everyone loves but you hate because you know that fifteen minutes later you’ll be more mature and a better writer, while your other friends dad is now in a fight with his mom and you worry for him some more while worrying for your family while expressing pride in your girlfriend while stressing over work while fearing your going insane because every little emotion related to all this things is just what your feeling in a single moment. Yet you know how to fix all of it but you. Ant figure out how to put yourself in a position to do so with out wasting more of your life on college protocal

  12. CftxP says:

    Ty, one of the marks of someone who’s smart apparently isn’t refuting but helping others. Know that gifted people are human too, and as humans, we have insecurities and we’re prone to questioning ourselves, but that’s just part of the human experience isn’t it?

    Though I do agree that it does even elitist to talk about people being “gifted” as if we aren’t normal people. But as people given this label, we do have to do our best to help others with the gifts that we’ve been told we have. I don’t encourage or believe in the validity of most labels but I do believe that you should do your best with those labels and the features and abilities you’ve been given. For example, I’m Asian, gay, and have a form of Autism. I don’t like labels, but I will address the fact that this is who I am and as a result, I will do the best I can with what I’ve got, because I’m also an artist and I won’t back down from an intellectual argument, despite also being quite introverted, as long as the challenge IS presented to me. I’m also highly empathic (which apparently is a sign of giftedness) and using all of these labels, which I would prefer to just call features, I would like to be who I was born to be, and I do believe I was born with these features in order to do something great. We should all strive for greatness, I believe, because if we don’t, then we’re wasting our time, resources, and basically our lives! Sorry, but people are insecure about their abilities, no matter how great, giftedness and confidence don’t always go hand-in-hand.

  13. terrance says:

    I always wonder with the math that there are only 1 in 100,000 profoundly gifted people and 1 in 1000 gifted people, it seems like everyone is gifted, doesn’t anyone read the numbers, we all cant be gifted, my mom kept telling me I was gifted and thought she was insulting me, but I do not know where she got that idea from, now she is gone I can not ask if it was from a school iq test, but what I do know is most people once there adults usually catch up to each other but maybe not careers because there is not enough to go round, but I do not believe I am gifted because everyone else seems smarter than me, unless that is my gift to see the intelligence in other people, maybe that is my gift but it is not something you can test for.

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