Obama The New Superman

A friend of mine is an unabashed and very sane Obama supporter (not Obamabot in the slightest). When I asked him why he bought the t-shirt, he said:

It’s all in good fun. Win or lose, this presidential election season is just full of grade-A entertainment!

Presidential politics is serious business!


But now my serious political friend is finding this presidential season entertaining and humorous? I wonder how many other Americans feel the same way about Election ‘08? Are they feeling this way because they are coping with a very strange election season? And is this a worrying sign for American politics as a whole?

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6 Responses

  1. kamikaze goldfish says:

    I’m not sure that any way that American’s get involved in politics can be considered healthy. That said, at least this year they are interested. I get very tired of people who whine about the direction politicians are taking us and then refuse to vote in upcoming elections. I guess the question we have to ask is: Would you rather people voted in passionate support of someone, even if it was for a superficial reason or would you rather they just didn’t vote at all?
    People have been speculating about the ‘worrying signs for American politics’ since the literal beginning of American politics and the system has continued to work well for us nonetheless. Whether that’s because we’re doing something right or because of just plain dumb luck, I guess we just don’t know.
    While I don’t agree with the election being exciting simply because of Obama being black and Palin having a vagina, I suppose that the up-side of all this is that next time there’s a minority or woman candidate…no one will care and it’ll go back to business as usual. And I really think that having a generation come along that truly can’t get excited about gender or color issues is probably the best outcome of all.

  2. BPO says:

    LOL! this is awesome!

  3. Is he really super though?

  4. kathleen schuitema says:

    yeah i agree with erichansa, super Obama man

  5. Rick R. says:

    Where can I buy that t-shirt?? I love it!

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