Small savings go a long way…

saving_money.jpgYou know, in all my years, I have yet to meet someone who would freely admit that they have too much money. In today’s world, where social security is going down the drain and jobs are going out of the country faster than you can blink, saving those extra pennies from day to day can really add up.

Long terms goals are described as goals that have a lasting effect should a person’s present actions be religiously maintained.

The following statements are outlined to provide information and tips on how you can start up your money-saving gimmicks and ensure a happy and financially stable future and list the reasons as to why saving money should occupy a greater place in our list of priorities in life.

To really get the most out of what you can save from your expenses, think about what you buy on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. If you haven’t already practiced cutting your expenses, you might be surprised how much you can save.

Let’s think in terms of last months spending. If you carry a small notebook for a month where you write all the expenses you incurred, the following month you will be able to identify where you might have spent less and saved more.

Figure out what 3% of your gross paycheck would be, and set that money aside every time you get paid. If you have the discipline to keep it in your checking account, go right ahead and do that, but for most people, the only way to be sure that you don’t spend it is to make a withdrawal, and hide the cash in an envelope. Eventually, once you get a substantial amount, you can create your own savings account, which will considerably lessen the temptation to spend.


Once you get used to living by spending only 97% of what you make, it’s time to take the next step, save 10% and spend 90%. Keep on going until you can’t afford to save any more. Within two or three months, you should have a nice little stash.

The following are some proven ways of cutting down expenses and saving money:
Cut down on long distance calls or make calls when the rates are cheapest. Cut down on restaurant and take-out meals, as well as costly prepared foods from the supermarket. Preparing your own food from scratch saves lots of money. Try to reduce your home-utility bills by turning off lights when you’re out of the room. Soda can cost you as much as $2 these days. Water is free. Need I say more?

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5 Responses

  1. Ravi Kalmady says:

    QUOTE from the post: Cut down on long distance calls or make calls when the rates are cheapest. Cut down on restaurant and take-out meals, as well as costly prepared foods from the supermarket……….

    I think I know what you’re talking about Robin.

    It’s been more than once that I find myself broke by the 10th of the month, and the next paycheck is at least 15 days away, and all I have is, say, 30 units of money. That’s when I look at options like the ones you mentioned above … hehe.

    If I have to survive the next 15 days without borrowing cash (which I really don’t like), I have to manage with my 30 units of money.

    That’s when I suddenly become a personal finance genius and plan a budget at living at 2 units per day. Have a healthy sandwich at home rather than a fancy breakfast. Spread a pack of smokes over 2 days instead of the usual one. I maintain a diary, and find that it IS possible to stay alive at 2 units of cash per day!

    If only I continued to do that at the beginning of the following month…

  2. Bryan Baker says:

    Great post. The rationing of money requires good financial management, and like you said “small savings go a long way”.

    Practicing the right habits everyday leads to success, while practicing bad habits daily leads to destruction…Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  3. Bryan Baker says:

    ·Clean, simple, effective layout. Good theme choice, and a new banner would make it that much better.
    ·Good use of pictures in every post. Any graphic makes posts more enjoyable to read.
    ·Great content. I’m a multiple times daily visitor to get the newest blogs when they’re posted!

    ·Lose the advertisement below the header. Place advertisements in posts(short banner at bottom has high CTR because as readers leave comments they can’t help but see the advertisements).
    ·The “Pages” in the sidebar is empty.
    ·The “Recent Readers” doesn’t blend very well with the site colors. Try getting the exact code from your theme editor and then changing the code in your “Recent Readers” widget to match the site.
    ·No need to have “About the Site” say the same thing as the banner. Redundant. Simple is usually better.
    How do I subscribe to your feed via Feedburner? I suggest getting a large Feed Chicklet (see Bryan-Baker Dot Com for example, big green feed chicklet at top of page).
    ·The 4 or 5 advertisement tabs (i.e. firefox, bidvertise..) make the site look messy. Find a way to clean them up, or get rid of them.


    Of course this is all my opinion and suggestion. Do what YOU feel will make YOUR site look the best.

    Keep up the great posts Robin.

  4. Xevia says:

    If I bury a dollar, can I grow one of these? haha

  5. Jay says:

    This is a great post..will be linking my next post to it, if you won’t mind! 🙂

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