The Absolute Essence Of How Wealth Is Created

Buddha was born into wealth as a prince, but as a young adult he chose to turn his back on material wealth in order to focus on a spiritual life. Yet many of Buddha’s teachings give us the exact wisdom we need in order to create great material wealth. Only a Buddha can explain to the world the truth related to the world …. start with a relatively small bankroll and actually become a multimillionaire.

In the Dhammapada, (the essential teachings of Buddha) Buddha begins by telling us that everything in our life comes from our thoughts. He says that whatever we want in life has to begin in our thoughts, then we put it into our words and then into our actions. If we are consistent across thoughts, words and actions then we create our world to be as we desire it to be.

This teaching is the absolute essence of how wealth is created. First we must build riches in our mind.

In order to become wealthy you have to imagine yourself as wealthy. You have to believe that wealth is a natural state for you. You don’t achieve this, as many uninformed people suggest, by imagining an exact dollar amount by an exact date. I do not know a single wealthy person who has done that.

The way you create a state of wealth in your mind is to imagine the life that you would be living when you are wealthy. Imagine the freedom and opportunities that having a large amount of money could open up for you.


By creating in your mind a lifestyle that you could only have by becoming wealthy then your subconscious mind will set about the task of helping you become rich.

The second part of Buddha’s advice was to take what we have created in our thoughts and move in into our words.

Our words are a reflection of both our conscious and our subconscious minds. By listening to what we are saying and how we are saying it we can discover what our subconscious mind really believes. If our words don’t agree with our consciously stated goals it is because our subconscious has not accepted those goals.

Many people follow the practice of setting New Year resolutions. However most of these resolutions are broken and discarded within the first week. Why? Because they were conscious goals that were never accepted by the subconscious.

In order for you to turn your goal for riches into reality you have to listen to your own words and then ensure that they consistently fall inline with your stated goal. In this manner you can reprogram the subconscious mind so that it falls in line with your conscious goal of becoming wealthy.

The third part of Buddha’s advice is that once you have your words in tune with your thoughts then you have to ensure that your actions are also brought into line.

You may well be imagining that you have the lifestyle of a multimillionaire and everything you say may be supporting that idea but what of your actions. Are you taking the actions that a self made multimillionaire would be taking?

What actions do multimillionaires take?

Well let’s look at an example. Multimillionaires invest both their time and their money wisely. They are very aware of how they are using both time and money and they make conscious decisions to enable them to gain the lifestyle and benefits that they want without any unnecessary wastage of resources.

How are you utilizing your time and money? Is it consistent with your goal to become a multimillionaire or not?

We already saw that your words are a reflection of both your conscious and subconscious minds. Well your habitual actions are a reflection of an even deeper, more robust part of your subconscious. Sometimes both a person’s conscious thoughts and their words will be consistent but their habits will betray that they still have not fully reprogrammed the subconscious to be supportive of their goal.

This is why we must complete the three stage process of bringing thoughts, words and actions into the same purpose. We complete the reprogramming of our subconscious by becoming fully aware of our actions and ensuring that we persist in acting in line with our thoughts and words for long enough for those new actions to become our automatic habits.

Only when you have succeeded in bringing your thoughts, words and actions habitually inline with your goal of wealth will you then see actual wealth coming into your life.

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4 Responses

  1. Our inner world creates the outer world. It’s the invisible that creates the visible. When the fruits are good and juicy, the credits should go to the roots that are buried and unseen by all. Yet, people praises the tree that’s above ground.

    Many people are living in a sleep mode. They live in an ivory tower of I, me, myself. With little thoughts of loving, sharing with, and serving others. These people would probably assume that all millionaires are blood suckers. I believe most of the millionaires are the enlightened ones that know to share and serve. The Universe rewards people that walks in the light.

  2. Robin Bal says:

    Hi Viv,

    Thanks for the great comment. People have wrong assumptions about millionaires. Millionaires definately think and act differently from an average person.

    Recently I walked into a millionaires office (cold call) and said I had an idea which people like him have found beneficial and he had nothing to lose for listening to my story.

    I came out with a big order, he later told me that the only reason he went ahead to do business with me was because I took the initiative to walk up to him. I had nothing to lose, worst comes to worst he would have said he is not interested.

    People are generally hesitant to approach millionaires, some hidden fears I guess.

    Take care and cheers.

  3. Smith says:

    Please forgive me, but about the only tangible advice I see in this is that you need a positive attitude to be wealthy.

    Permit me to suggest some counterpoints:
    A) Wealth takes a fundamental understanding of Profit & Loss. This goes beyond what might perceive as attitude when in reality facts & figures matter more then an emotion.
    B) Those who understand wealth tend to understand fundamentals of risk evaluation better.
    C) Those who are wealthy tend to have little or no debt; AND fundamentally on a closer examination, you will find that their debts tend to be all “good” debts* vs. “Bad” debts.
    D) *”Good” debts defined more by leveraged assets used to finance investments. “Bad” debts meaning consumer debts/lifestyle debts. (***If your true focus is on helping others to be wealthy, you should not be advising others in the other blog entries on how to achieve good credit scores, but perhaps focus on debt dumping in order to obtain wealth as a simple matter of common sense stewardship.***)
    E) Wealthy people tend to rely more on facts & figures rather then warm & fuzzy feelings or non-factually supported emotions.
    F) last but not least, wealthy people understand the true use of credit or debt & how banking works.

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