The Less You Know, The More Money You’ll Make


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54 Responses

  1. tezdoll says:

    It should be. The less you know, the more money is worth…

  2. disagree says:

    power = work / time is where this cartoon went wrong. firstly, power =/= distance. looking past that, ‘work over time’ should not be expressed literally, but as work * time, resulting in a significantly less comical conclusion that knowledge multiplies earnings power. but nice try. better off sticking to proving girls are evil.

  3. Brent Danley says:

    Brilliant. There is definitely some truth to this. Are managers promoted to their level of incompetence?

    Thanks for the laugh.
    .-= Brent Danley´s last blog ..Be Good For Goodness’ Sake! =-.

  4. Mark says:

    Haha!! So true!! Unfortunately there is no money in research.


  5. dd says:

    It’s more like this: The more money you earn the company, the more money you earn.

  6. victoriousm says:

    Thanks for this theorem. Now, I know why I haven’t made much money from my 9 – 5 salary!!
    That’s why I started blogging.
    .-= victoriousm´s last blog ..PTC Sites =-.

  7. Michael Youtsos says:

    This equation does not describe the amount someone will make, but rather the amount of work someone can do with a given amount of money. If Knowledge = Work / Money (eqn 1), this means that a smart individual (Knowledge) can do more of the things he/she wishes in his/her life (Work), with less Money than a dumb person could. This leads us to the conclusion that a smart/knowledgeable person is more efficient than a less smart one. If we are to assume that smart&dumb people are given the same upbringing and presented with the same opportunities, eqn 1 tells us that, on average, the smarter person will be more successful, which in this world means that he/she will make more money (on average again) than the dumber one.
    So this equation doesn’t tell us that ‘the less you know, the more you’ll make’; it tells us the opposite.

  8. KPND says:

    Funny, but total crap.

    “people who aren’t engineers and scientists easily make more money”. No. Few people in any field make lots of money.

    Salary, like everything else in the world, is determined by supply & demand. You’re pretending not to understand that for the point of some bitter humor, but c’mon. Stop being disingenuous.

  9. Mike says:

    In my opinion there is a problem with your theorem, and that is that knowledge = power.
    Knowledge by it’s self does not equal power, only when knowledge is combined with action does it have any power. Conversly action with out knowledge has no power.
    Still thought it was humorous though.

  10. Matt says:

    And the reason you have no money is because you spent your time figuring this out and then making it.

  11. That’s was ridiculously intrigued. Maybe true.
    .-= Một Trăm Độ – Kết nối Cộng đồng blog Việt´s last blog ..Khoảnh khắc các Bộ trưởng =-.

  12. Ben says:

    ok except for one fatal flaw.

    Who said that Power = Work / Time

  13. salvia says:

    wow man taht was awesome

  14. JoeBlo says:

    I don’t know if you really meant something by this, but it implies that the less you know the more you make. That homeless guy down the street is probably a genius…
    And postulate 1 is false. Knowledge is not power. Money is power. The world’s knowledgeable scientists can’t convince the world to be green, but throw in Leonardo DiCaprio and they make progress.

  15. asd says:

    money does not have anything to do with money so that equation is wrong

  16. asd says:

    knoledge does not have anithing to do with money so that equation is wrong.

  17. Pavel says:

    Power=Work/time but why did you say that?


    This theorem may be right in some cases, some companies or countries. 😀
    .-= Pavel´s last blog ..2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Lưu file theo định dạng PDF hay XPS =-.

  18. samuel mowe says:

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  19. Skyler says:

    Why are multiple people saying Power is not equal to Work/Time? Ever taken high school physics? Lol.

    But very funny.

  20. This made me laugh.
    From what I’m reading in the comments, I guess a lot of the commenters should be very rich…
    .-= Yaisog Bonegnasher´s last blog ..Vienniese subways =-.

  21. liz says:

    postulate #2 is wrong. time does not equate to money. bums have all the time in the world; are they filthy rich?

  22. Sam says:

    @Pavel, @Ben, @disagree,

    Power = Work / Time is a reference to the physical quantity power, which is the rate at which work is performed (hence: work/time, or work per time). This is the same “power” that you hear about when talking about cars (horespower) or lightbulbs (watts). Its inclusion here is sort of a nerdy inside joke that those who have studied science would get. See

    An easy and interesting way to think about power is the origin of the term “horsepower”. In order to figure out how good their steam engines were compared to horses, engineers needed to quantify the power horses could put out. So, looking at horses working in coal mines, they measured how high a horse could lift a given load of coal (height x weight = work) and measured the time it took. Dividing work/time gave power, and by establishing standard values for the height, weight, and time they arrived at a standardized power for a horse; horsepower.

    Clearly they are mixing definitions of “power” here, since the “power” in the saying “Knowledge is power” is more like power in the political sense.

    Funny nevertheless 🙂

  23. me says:

    power=work/time is the equation for finding mechanical power

  24. roga says:

    if you don’t know what money is, or what it is used for (a trusted means of exchange),what is it then? Money definitely has something to do with knowledge or at the very least imagination.

  25. Rose says:


  26. River says:

    This is not true because I don’t get it and I don’t have any money…

  27. bojan says:

    The reason why businessmen, politicians, salesmen, actors etc. so “easily” earn money lies within our perception, not their abilities. In short it’s like a lottery – there are so many businessmen etc. trying to earn money that by the laws of probability it is reasonable to expect that some will succeed big time. It’s in human nature to notice the best and forget all those who failed.
    Also, scientists are not so into earning money in the first place. If they were then I am sure that they would have more or less the same percentage of success. Except perhaps mathematicians. I believe they would have above average success. If I remember correctly, some of the best investors of all times were two mathematicians. I don’t remember their names.

  28. Non=Serious guy says:

    I don’t get why people have to correct the theorem or the equation.

    It’s supposed to be a joke… Nuff’ said.

  29. Non=Serious guy says:

    I don’t get why people have to correct the theorem or the equation.

    It’s supposed to be a joke… Nuff’ said.

  30. Jay says:

    Many years ago I wrote a theory similar to this:

    People who are very smart and have knowledge and experience in many fields (well rounded and diversified) will always earn less money than someone who has specialized and knows only about one thing.

  31. wholesale nhl jerseys says:

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  32. Bonnie says:


    In my thinking, I add, and change the formula for myself, and insert somewhere:

    “one’s connections” + “one’s willingess to kowtow”

  33. undrgrndgirl says:

    that explains it all !!

  34. Sam says:

    @liz: time is money, even for a bum. Say you’re a bum and your job is to collect cans. It takes time to collect those cans, and by doing that you’re turning that time into money. Their time is just worth a LOT less than other peoples’ time.

  35. Dionysius says:

    Maybe I should have been an NHL hockey player instead of scientist.

  36. win says:

    It’s interesting to find how challenging the content side is for some

  37. LeftyX says:

    And still no one has noticed the typo in the last slide: “Those of you who have had >>difficulity<< following this presentation must make a Lot of Money !" Sheesh…

  38. says:

    The reason is as follows;

    political thinking is based on lies enuendo deception illusion and camoflage, which is of no help in science

    creative thinking is based on truth, wisdom, honesty, common sense and clarity, which is of no help in advertisment

    money follow advertisment.

    they who achieve have little time for propagandizing and they who have time to propagandize have little time left for achievment.

    its a delema

  39. TransAlchemy says:

    This is why the nerds will soon abolish money by creating a post scarcity world!

  40. I love it.

    The causality still needs to be proven, but … I love it.

    Happy 2010.

  41. Army Gloves says:

    That explains a lot.

    There was the joke about the guy who made a lot of money went back to his high school reunion.

    His friends asked him how he became so rich. He explained that he bought some products in China for $2.00 and sold them for $5.00

    His friends were amazed that he was able to accumulate such a large fortune so easily. He explained further, “Yes, it’s amazing how much you can make off just 3 percent!”

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