The Typical HUMAN Thinking


Why Humans Are never Satisfied!!

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41 Responses

  1. Jag Pop says:

    If only I could draw cartoons.

  2. John Stossel says:

    This is abso-freaking-lutely true!!!!!

  3. Chris says:

    If only I could leave witty comments.

  4. evileddy says:

    If only I had a human’s conscience.

  5. If only I your social commentary.
    .-= Joshua Zimmerman´s last blog ..Robot School Girl Horror =-.

  6. Crack says:

    Pretty sure the old guy and young girl can both have what they want.

  7. B says:

    Why does the “hot” figured lady have a penis bulge?


    If only I could laugh

  9. SeT says:

    if only i could comment like Jag Pop.

  10. Drew says:

    This does nothing to explain WHY humans are never satisfied…

  11. Sir Lafalot says:

    Would it be better they are thinking this?
    Woman left: “What a bimbo and her yellow pants look like diapers.”

    Woman in Red: “More wine? That woman is always drunk.”

    Man in black: “His mother is wearing a green dress and I am doing his young pretty wife who is wearing yellow diapers.”

    Man on right: “His toupee is worse than mine and what is my wife doing wearing my yellow diapers?”

  12. Fox64 says:

    If only I hadn’t done smack!

  13. e cigarette says:

    If i only had a brain.

  14. Sarabeth says:

    We love to do that…. I’ll be happy when——-….now fill it in
    .-= Sarabeth´s last blog ..Object in mirror may be larger than it appears. =-.

  15. stfuhelloworld says:

    if only i had a nice blog with lots of hits

  16. So true 🙂
    .-= EnglishRussia´s last blog ..Odessa, Kiev – Viewed From The Sky =-.

  17. Theo says:

    So Skinny should dump her husband and go for the old guy- then she gets diamonds and he gets a hot wife – at least two people are happy 🙂

  18. doofus says:

    Money and sex. That’s all there is, then?

  19. Snake says:

    The girl has a scrotum wtf?

  20. nelly says:

    um…the young wife has a penis bulge..yea

  21. DrEnzyme says:

    And if you think about it, this is exactly why we’ve advanced so far as a species.

  22. Ash says:

    HAH! That is quite funny! That wife is a girl ? Looks like one of those trick cartoon video game chicks. 😛 Definitely weird!

  23. I can’t get no satisfaction.
    .-= Koncrete Piggs´s last blog ..DON’T DIE =-.

  24. Lightning says:

    Well, the vividly cartoon demonstrates the reality how we human being think about the world. It seems that we never satisfy what we have and where we are. When we get a large house which we have been admiring for a long time,even more than half of lives of us,we may find it just so so and then dream to have a luxury car or a high position that is envied by others. We always tell us in mind that the idea is not good and may be looked down upon by others. If you think about this in another way, however ,you can find that admiring others about what we don’t have may do an active function in our life in some extent. What we don’t have may give us a direction of we are striving to. What we are admiring may endow us the passion which is essential to our finally success. In this way, our human society have been developing. If everyone of us admire what other’s have and archive it by our own hands, we should say: why we should be satisfied.

  25. health blog says:

    is envy that bad in human nature? is it really why we can be sad?

    Not sure about that. a bit too simple explanation for me.
    .-= health blog´s last blog ..Cancer postcode lottery causes unfair pain and suffering =-.

  26. engmyra says:

    it’s the human nuture

  27. lisoloir says:

    Drawing so true. Congratulation

  28. riddick says:

    that “hottie” has bolls 😛

  29. SM says:

    “If I can only have his Level 99 Troll”
    “If I can only have his life”

  30. Jag Pop says:

    What they are *really* thinking.

    (from left)

    “Don’t save it, girl, now I can’t even pay for it.”

    “Diamonds are wasted on the old.”

    “Four years and the fire has gone out, if I had his bucks I could trade-in annually.”

    “Is that the chick from Vegas? Hope she doesn’t remember me!”

  31. ya its human tendency then he wants more and more. Human Whom not want is knows as Saint
    .-= wordpress developers´s last blog ..WINDOWS AZURE IS HOSTING WORDPRESS! IS IT REAL? OR JUST A LONG TERM GAME PLAN? =-.

  32. If only I can kick like Chuck Norris.
    .-= Koncrete Piggs´s last blog ..EVEN DINOSAURS =-.

  33. Mark says:

    Unfortunately, this feeling of not being satisfied is pervasive in our society. We are slammed everyday by TV, billboards, Google ads….about all the things we absolutely need to buy.

  34. tunguy3n says:

    if only i was in that conversation, it would be like if only we got each other…

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  36. vilkyjustin says:

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