What people around the net think finance is…

Finance is :
A leader in providing credit.

Easy. 😀

The application of a set of techniques that individuals and organizations use.

Pleased to offer investments.

A frequently updated resource for auto financing.

Not a science.

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An entry into the popular personal finance management category of pocket pc and how it works.

Up at consumerism commentary.

A solution intended to control your personal finances.

A palm os program, which will help you to track, report, analyze.

A most comprehensive personal financial manager for pocket pc.

Really just a baby step.

This web site.

A leader in providing credit services to retailers and consumers.

Very much necessary in todays world for you to live your life smoothly.

A rapidly expanding field.

A money management and expense tracking software for palm.

Up! all web sites are the same?

Not an issue you should be forced to face when in a crisis like so many people.

A consumer magazine written.

The study of the process of how individuals and companies raise money.

A leading provider, under the get money brand, of credit services to consumers, retailers and automotive dealers around the world.

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3 Responses

  1. zakman says:

    Two up, Robin!

    Can I add to it:


    Finance is:

    Something only the wife knows.

    What the government is always short of.

    Not cash.

    What the executives carry in their briefcase.

    Always related to shortage.


    Robin, your humor is so cool! You’re taking off! 😆

  2. Finance is: something we could probablly all use more of 🙂

    Finance is: Something you wanna have more knowledge about

    and your blog helps with both! 🙂

  3. Jag says:

    Hi Robin,

    Nice one. Finance is something a lot of people should know and a subject they think they know well but in actual fact, it’s not really so.

    Good job on the content.

    I can definitely do with more of this.


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