Why do you want to be rich?

Sometimes, teaching people how to get rich gets me a bad rap. “You just want to make money,” I’ve been told. Or “money isn’t everything.” These gems, while not particularly eloquent, do have a point. Actually, I’d prefer that these people ask me why I teach people to be rich. It’s important to ask yourself, too: Why do you want to be rich?

Take a second and think about it.

Do you want to have a luxurious lifestyle? Do you want to travel? To eat at nice restaurants? Maybe you want to start your own business.

I believe it’s really important to consciously think about why you want to be rich. If you don’t, it’s easy to get caught up in a race to get more and more money without ever knowing why.

“But Robin,” you might say, “I’m really smart. I got a 4.0 at Stanford and I don’t really want to take the time to think about this. I just want some cash, playa!!”

After I point and laugh at you, I’ll actually get serious. Trust me–take an hour to write it down and compare your long-term goals to what you’re actually doing on a day-to-day basis. It’s easy to say and harder to do, so I’ve taken my own advice below. And hopefully, I can use these things to explain why I teach people to be rich. It’s not just money–far from it.


Why I teach/learn how to be rich

In one sentence: I never want to have to make a bad decision because of money (e.g., staying at a job I don’t love because of car payments). Make a list of your long term goals< and set out at achieving them .There it is: an online, accountable list of goals for why I teach and learn how to be rich. What if you made a list and checked it every 6 months to see if you were moving towards your goals?

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8 Responses

  1. jimm says:

    i liked the concept, ill be be back, cheers.

  2. ravi says:

    You got a cool website to begin with! Looks like it has a great potential to develop into portal for non-financial people to learn something about managing their finances. Good luck! RK

  3. heaven206 says:

    I’ll be checking out your blog, could always use money advice…thanks for stopping by mine.

  4. Intiendes says:

    Actually for me it’s not having lots of money or being rich for that matter. It is more on being successful in life. Like having a happy family and just enough money to fill our needs.
    What would be your mucho dinero for if you’re not happy — not at all times you can buy happiness.

  5. sabina says:

    wow good

  6. Ineke says:

    Thanks Robin for attracting my attention to this website…I am enjoying reading it very much…and it does make me think…
    Rich is of course a debatable concept.
    I have been in a situation where I had nearly nothing…Compared to that time I am rich today and I have done exactly the stuff that you describe…and sometimes I still count the pieces of toiletpaper I use… Like you said there are many ways to save!!!
    I LOVED your suggestion of sitting down and writing down : Why do I want to be rich?
    The answer for me is : I don’t ….
    I have more than enough today to fulfill all my needs; I love the fact that I still have wants and goals to save up for.
    I believe that having too much money really corrupts…not every time , not every one…but in my very personal estimate in about 90% of cases.
    And it is wonderful to be debtfree.
    I have been trying to loose 10 kilos over the past three years….but I am not getting there fast!! Love that analogy!
    Keep writing….and I’ll keep reading!

  7. gabby says:

    money is not the GOAL by itself..it is just a MEAN for your goals…people tend to forget it and become miserably greedy….
    very nice and interesting blog


  8. Robin Bal says:

    Hi Gabby,

    Thanks for your visit and comment. Your statement does make sense.

    Take care and cheers

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