You Dont Have To Be Naked To Have Fun

Weekend Humor!

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46 Responses

  1. superk says:

    Does she need to be wearing gloves? I mean that as a legitimate question- do the hands need to be covered under her rules?

  2. gus says:

    …but it would help.

  3. fugly says:

    she must be really ugly

  4. KD@North Face Jackets says:

    That’s hilarious. The glove makes her almost look like a mannequin.

  5. kevin says:

    that is just dangerous, all that loose clothing will just drown you

  6. newday says:

    I can’t believe she is showing skin on her arm like that! She should be beaten and flogged until she learns to control her heathen ways. Shameless!

  7. NasRayyah says:

    Even the most battle-hardened Quarians need an occasional vacation from the Migrant Fleet.

  8. CmdSheperd says:


    You are total WIN


  9. rook says:

    @ NasRayyah

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Awesome line!

  10. patriotaxe says:

    This is awesome. She’s kickin it, he’s kickin it. Errybody havin a good time.

  11. Joe says:

    These people are messed up.

  12. dancerOFpants says:

    mass effect win ^^

  13. Marca says:

    Probably be a guy under there. AHAHAHAHAAH

  14. Audra Simkin says:

    Many thanks for writing such an interesting post. Normally I see the same thing, and it starts to get on my nerves. Thanks, will be back for further.

  15. Bill says:

    Say what you want about muslims, but they don’t have to worry about if the girl they’re dating sucked seven d*cks at a frat party last week, like you do with american girls. Muslims don’t have to worry about their daughters ending up on girls gone wild. They also don’t let them walk through the mall at 12 years old with make up on and “juicy” written across the ass of their shorts, like american mothers do. Is it any wonder that muslims look at western culture and say “no thanks”?

  16. Mitch says:

    Hard core muslims should be beaten till they pull their heads from allahs ass!

  17. noob says:

    Is it me or do all these women look alike! ha!

  18. DSD21 says:


    NasRayyah wins 10 internets.

  19. Donna B. says:

    Stop the oppression of Muslim women!
    If the women have to dress like that so should the men.

  20. gina says:

    heck , compared to her day to day routine, this is like having a bacon sandwich with extra ham with maple syrup!

  21. plasphemy says:

    …And yet American girls get raped less frequently. Whose culture is better?

  22. jon says:

    yeah, looks like she’s having a real blast.

  23. Avatar28 says:

    @Bill I don’t worry about that. Hell, if she did, so much the better. That means she’ll probably do it for me too! 🙂

    @NasRayyah Absolutely the best comment here. Kudos.

  24. frontierman says:

    still maintaining the secracy even while having fun outdoors
    sounds intelligent!!!!!!!11

  25. Junaid says:

    I’ve not seen anything like that before.
    .-= Junaid´s last blog ..Surah 114 An-Nas (Mankind) | Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy | Qur’an Recitation =-.

  26. Sara says:

    well,I`m muslim..i wear the veil..not the one that covers the face
    i go to the beach..yes with my cloth on i don care if no body sees my juicy ASS!
    i drive,,i go shoppin..and i get ladies` beaches..i don care what anyone thinks of me and i have FUN!
    and cover cover the space from right above their knees to right above the belly button..FYI!

  27. Priom says:

    Mitch, u will regret this.

  28. Lauren says:

    # fugly Says:
    March 20th, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    she must be really ugly

    And you are clearly really stupid.

  29. FicklePeople says:

    Wow seriously, who cares?

    She doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, and neither does he. So why should care about what two people do on their own time in their own personal lives.

    Yeah it’s weird and strange, but so is bending down in front of a Catholic priest and letting him pour some liquid and object in your mouth calling it the sacrament of god.

    And it’s just as weird to let some half drunk guy with absolutely no medical training take a knife and snip off a piece of your kids genitals.

    Live and let live.

  30. jhon says:

    you just observers. you’re not a researcher. certainly no reason why this woman wearing her clothes. with these clothes they are safe from sex crimes. the bad thoughts out of those who just love to sex like animals. not them

  31. kustler says:

    everyone is free for his choices !

  32. yahya says:

    is this not funny. go to heel.

  33. Dna says:

    wow this’s funny. ninja plays water

  34. BantalBusuk says:

    @ Donna B. Muslim women are not oppressed the way you think. Wearing the hijab and covering your face is not a sign of oppression. It’s all about choice. Your comment is ignorant and unresearched. You should put yourself in her shoes and wear the hijab if you wanna know if she’s oppressed or not. Judging by that picture, she looks happy to be in the water regardless of what she is wearing. In my opinion, Muslim women are more liberated than anyone else just for the simple reason that they don’t succumb to the pressures of looking like the hottest piece of ass out there and their devotion to God is praiseworthy. You wear the hijab for God and no one else. There may be cruel things being done to Muslim women but same goes for everybody else in the world.

    @ fugly That comment was not constructive at all. Maybe next time you should keep those kind of comments to yourself eh?

  35. Heyguy says:

    I’m pretty sure she ok with it. Sense she will be beaten if she isn’t. Just saying.

  36. BantalBusuk says:

    @ heyguy dude, you’re generalising. My whole family wears the hijab and my dad doesn’t beat my mom and my brother in-law doesnt beat my sister. There’re abuse victims everywhere, even non-Muslims and for equally silly reasons. It’s a shame that if a Muslim woman wears a hijab, it means her husband is the one making her do it. There’s a meaning behind the hijab and for those who don’t know it, they won’t understand

    @ akbar hear hear

  37. Oliver Queen says:

    Wanting is better than needing. Wanting is awesome.

  38. sandpan says:

    Dear all,
    before u judge other & claim yr religion is better then other pls see yrself hv u really understand & done all yr Religions Rule.Some people use their Religion Reason to hurt other.. why? its because their stupid & selfish reason and their stupid followers follow their so call Holly Reason.
    Dont all religions teach love respect and compassion to each other regardless their religion and nation ?
    I am Catholic and hv a lot of best Moeslem Best Friends.

  39. Wai Edgehill says:

    hey man come on this is good stuff

  40. Dave says:

    You know I think Bill Maher is a total ass hole till i think of Islam.

  41. ee says:

    you laugh, but now that a picture of her skin is on the internet, that man, presumably her husband probably killed her to defend the honor of the family

  42. ninja trainer says:

    The Ninja Trainer says, “Thank you”. 😉

  43. Doug Guynn says:

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