May 2010

Fascinating, isn’t it, this stock market of ours, with its unpredictability, promise, and unscripted daily drama. But individual investors are even more interesting. We’ve become the product of a media driven culture that must have reasons, predictability, blame, scapegoats, and even that four-letter word, certainty.

We are a culture of investors where hindsight is rapidly replacing the reality-based foresight that once was flowing in our now real-time veins — just like in basketball, golf, and football.

The Stock Market is a dynamic place where investors can consistently make reasonable returns on their working capital if they comply with the basic principles of the endeavor AND if they don’t measure their progress too frequently with irrelevant measuring devices.

The classic investment strategy is so simple and so trite that most investors dismiss it routinely and move on in their search for the holy investment grail(s): a stock market that only rises and a bond market capable of paying higher interest rates at stable or higher prices — just not going to happen.

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Weekend Humor

A correction is a beautiful thing, simply the flip side of a rally, big or small. Theoretically, even technically I’m told, corrections adjust equity prices to their actual value or “support levels”. In reality, it’s much easier than that.

Prices go down because of speculator reactions to expectations of news, speculator reactions to actual news, and investor profit taking. The two former “becauses” are more potent than ever before because there is more self-directed money out there than ever before. And therein lies the core of correctional beauty!

Mutual Fund unit holders rarely take profits but often take losses. Additionally, the new breed of Index Fund Speculators over-react to news of any kind because that’s what speculators do. Thus, if this brief little hiccup becomes considerably more serious, new investment opportunities will be abundant!

Here’s a list of ten things to think about doing, or to avoid doing, during corrections of any magnitude:
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I am sure that no matter where you are in your career, you desire to create more income for yourself. For most people, only two options come to mind.

Either they work much harder in their job and hope their boss notices their efforts and gives them a raise of 5-10%, or quit their job and find another company that will pay them 10-20% more.

When I talk about increasing your income, I don’t just mean by a measly 5%, 10% or 20%, I am talking about massively increasing your income by 50%, doubling it or even increasing it by three to five times, within 12 months!

Is this possible? Yes it is! And you can achieve this without quitting your job.

How? By not just focusing on your single, primary source of income. The only way to double or triple your income to create for yourself multiple streams of income. The rich never depend on one stream, but have multiple streams.

What Determines A Person’s Income?

Before you can increase your primary source of income, you must first understand what determines a person’s income.

Why is it that one person is paid $3,000 a month while another person is paid $30,000 a month?
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