Investing in eco-friendly investments has come of age, as the Green Revolution recasts the playing field for future energy production. Solar, wind, geothermal and biofuels are the wave of the future. All derive their source of energy from the Sun in some fashion, but none offer as much promise of replacing fossil fuels effectively as does algae cultivation. Companies as large as Exxon-Mobil, Dow Chemical, and most recently, Unilever, have committed hundreds of millions of dollars for algae research in the race to find the most profitable path to producing material amounts of transportation fuels.

Eco-investments have been with us for some time. The term actually refers to any product that is grown and harvested directly from the earth. There is an obvious overlap when the new breed of alternative energy sources is viewed in that context. Micro-algae and its cultivation have been researched for over fifty years, but most efforts have been devoted to developing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product offerings. Current research has focused more on which strains have the highest propensity for creating oil compounds and on what processes can extract these valuable byproducts from the tiny organisms themselves.

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