5 Top Industry Sectors Predicted To Show Growth In Employment

What will the new decade bring for employment and career prospects? An interesting set of statistics posted by the Bureau of Labour offers some insight into trends and provides information on where career and business opportunities might lie.
1) Management and consulting services

Leading the list of five industries with the largest wage and salary employment growth potential in the ten years from 2008 to 2018 is the category of management, scientific and technical consulting services.

The sector falls under professional and business and could see an increase of 82% in employment figures. It will certainly prove to be the decade for consultants and professional advisors.

2) Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities

There is no prize for reckognising this as a growth area for employment. This field, falling under health care and social assistance, is considered to grow by 73% in providing employment and business opportunities.

With the ageing population in almost all parts of the world, it is not difficult to see that providing care for elderly people will be a substantial growth industry. Furthermore, as civilisations become more aware of the rights of disabled people, this in turn will lead to more inclusive care facilities for disabled people.

Besides the trend towards mainstreaming disabled people in schooling and the work environment there is a further push to allow disabled people to live independent lives. This particular trend will lead to a growth in the category described in number three.

3) Home health care services

Another winner in the health care and social assistance sector is the home health care service industry. This is considered to have growth potential of 46% for wage and salary employment.

Allowing the elderly to remain at home and providing assistance with care will become a more humane way of dealing with frail people. Add to this the care of disabled people at home rather than at institutions and one can see this sector could be in for a growth in employment opportunities.

4) Computer system designs

Systems design and related services falling under professional and business sector is considered a growth area in terms of wage and employment and is said to be growing by up to 45% in the period under discussion.

Technological innovation will provide for a large scale requirement for computer systems. Every gadget has a computer chip and operating system. Designing these will allow for more employment. Could it mean that computer science should become a compulsory subject in schools?

5) Retail trade

The retail trade may be growing and showing an increase in wage and employment opportunities of 40% during the term under discussion. Some of this growth could be diversified though in that the retail sector is showing particular growth in the online environment.

Some parts of retail will migrate more towards the computer system design skills set and move away from stacking shelves and ringing up goods on a cash register. Either way, retail will employ more people.

These are some interesting trends and it might be advisable for young people and members of the older generation finding themselves without traditional jobs to focus on acquiring skills in any of the above industry sectors.

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12 Responses

  1. Tim Vinko says:

    Nice to see somebody still cares. Thats mamazing dude.

  2. Eric Di Bari says:

    Health care aids and elderly services always make an appearance on these types of lists.

  3. resver says:

    Well spoken. I have to research more on this as it is really vital info

  4. cig says:

    Interesting I wonder how accurate this prediction is.

  5. forlan says:

    In my country, the management and consulting services are not growing because most company rarely hire the management consulting.It might because our country is underdeveloped country which most company is underdeveloped too.
    .-= forlan´s last blog ..The Stock Market Will Worst =-.

  6. Employment King says:

    As well as an increase in Care of the Elderly jobs, we will soon see a predicted increase in child care jobs due to the Free goverment childcare provision to help support parents into employment and/or training.

    Child Care occupations have seen a 40% rise in jobs over the last 10 years and is predicted to grow.

    With both Childcare and Care of the Elderly industries, employers will soon be looking for more level 3 qualified employees.

    Many companies gain funding through Train to Gain to fund staff training to NVQ level 2 and 3.

  7. data entry from home says:

    Everyone’s schedule is unalike so it is important to make sure that you are aware of what hours and days that you will be able to work as this will make the work hunt go more smoother.

  8. Ipod Lover says:

    Thank you for posting this! It’s finding blogs like this with great information that make me want to keep working harder on mine.

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