divorce_070628_ms.jpgAsk most people to guess what the biggest risk they need to asset protect themselves against and they will usually guess either being sued or paying too much tax.

Asset protection is a crucial part of wealth building. There are many different aspects of asset protection and they often involve complex trust structures. Yet most people ignore the number one cause of financial loss, even though it is easy to protect them.

Both of these are important and every wise business person structures their business with the aim of minimizing these two risks, but there is a bigger risk than those two put together.

The risk of losing big time financially in a divorce can be minimized by having a sound prenuptial agreement yet many otherwise canny business owners fail to take this sensible step and end up losing far more money that they needed to.

Much of the money lost in a divorce isn’t just going to your ex-spouse; it is going into the pockets of lawyers. There is no financial incentive for lawyers on either side to come to a quick settlement. They are getting paid while the parties are fighting.

A lot of this financial and emotional loss could be avoided if couples took an example from business.

A golden rule in business is to never enter into a joint venture unless you have a formally documented and signed exit strategy. There are two reasons for this.

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ks8512.jpgThe initial exchange gave way to a group of merchants who banned together to form the New York Stock Exchange. This initial assembly of men met every day on Wall Street to trade their stocks and bonds – an outdoor ritual that lasted through to the early 1900s, when commerce moved indoors. Today, investment on this scale has come full circle – operating outside the bricks and mortar of traditional trading. Today’s investors operate en masse through the Internet, buying and selling stocks online with the click of a mouse.

Buying and selling stocks online has become the new way of investing. In this chaotic world of long work hours combined with the juggling of frenzied family schedules, the computer has taken an ever-increasing role – giving us a place to work, communicate, and be entertained any time of day from the comfort of our homes. The computer has also taken an ever-increasing role in investing, offering consumers the opportunity to trade online. Several reputable companies have pioneered the online investment arena where they have kept pace with the changing needs of today’s modern investors.

In accessing stocks online, investors have been given access to a bevy of services previously only obtained through visiting brokers in the brick and mortar world of finance. Online investment through reputable brokerage companies requires investors to set up an account through the website. They can then access their financial portfolio at the touch of a mouse. Additionally, these companies will offer up-to-the-minute stock quotes, historical performance and forecasts for each stock, as well as in-depth information about each of the companies.

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divorce.jpgWhen your marriage breaks up, the last thing you feel like doing is crunching numbers. You’re hurt, perhaps angry, and possibly overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and despair. You’re focused on the past and present, not the future. But as many divorced couples learn the hard way, this is precisely the time you need to get a grip and pay close attention to your assets and your financial future, lest both slip away in the flood of emotion.
First and foremost, it’s a business deal. That means you’ve got to get rid of your emotion any way you need to, whether through therapy or going to a gym. Because your divorce should be based on one thing: your property settlement. It’s a matter of numbers, that’s all it is. At least 80 percent of money is about self-management, about emotions, and 20 percent is about quantifying and computing, the counting part is easy; it’s the emotional part that’s hard. Since money is a major cause of divorce, it’s safe to assume that splitting the financial sheets won’t be easy.

Pull your credit report before the divorce so that anything in dispute can be resolved before the divorce is final. The reports are the quickest and easiest way to get an overview of outstanding loan balances, mortgages and credit card debt that you and your spouse will eventually divvy up.

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