If You Think You Lost In The Stock Market Check This Out

All that money you’ve lost — where did it go?

Any ideas? Come on lets talk……

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19 Responses

  1. Wayne says:

    Nice to see the JP Morgan guy still making a nice private profit after we socialize their losses.

  2. ReMaster says:

    OMG! THOSE POOR MILLIONARES!! I SHOULD FEEL SO BAD FOR THEM THAT I CONTINUE TO USE MY TAX DOLLARS TO PAY FOR THEIR MILLION DOLLAR LOSSES. I guess having only TWO or THREE houses to go to is such a hardship when compared to the shitty one-bedroom I live in and scrape together $800 every month for. HOW COULD I BE SO RASH?! Lets never pass judgement and condemn those who have lost so much! In proportion, can someone feel bad for me because I lost a $20 in the wash, and proportionally, it was worth 10x as much to me as it is to these shitheads?

  3. DustyFog says:

    This should have been published under the category ‘Humor.’

    None of these guys lost any money – stock market crash or no stock market crash – willing to bet my boot dollar on that.

    If they were the kind to lose money, they wouldn’t be featured here in the first place. They’re probably minting money from the publicity they’re getting that they lost money!

  4. Platon says:

    Until those numbers are less than MY net worth, I don’t give a rats ass how much they lost.

  5. Thwarty says:

    Did you notice that all of them have on blue or red ties except for the two guys at the bottom have green ones

  6. Mr. Money says:

    They should never have made that much in the first place. The simple truth is that CEOs simply do not have that big of an effect on companies. Their extravagant salaries are simply not justified as it is the regular employees who truly drive company performance.

  7. Carole Gold says:

    Absent the profanity and some anger…I actually agree with Platon!

  8. Bill says:

    Good. They deserve it.

  9. Aussie says:

    There is only one good thing for these guys, assasination.

  10. walt235 says:

    Wait until the S really HTF!! They’ll be hunting these joo bastards and shooting them down in the streets! And it’s what these pricks deserve!

  11. steve harris says:

    they could care less now, made out before and with the bailout.

    How much did each make and bank before this time and how much stock did they bank and when. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

  12. John Doe says:

    Is this money that was lost or gained through the bailout?

    can you please be more specific…

  13. Michael says:

    Interesting comments. More Class Envy by the people who actually think Barak Obama is their Savior.

    Newt 2012. He has solid answers for the genuine change America needs.

  14. Steffen says:

    To Michael,

    Class Envy? CLASS ENVY?!?

    Do you even understand the implications of what you just said? That very statement flies in the face of EVERYTHING the conservatives have ever said in an attempt to get the support of those of us who make less than $1million a year.

    The political right wants people to believe that the political left wants to reintroduce socialism under the auspices of social reform. Is that really what you think it means to want to give everyone the opportunity for a life that is not on the streets?

    Class Envy…

    I’m going to assume you are a McCain supporter as you distance yourself from those of us who support Obama. Which means that you should understand that one of the counter-points that the political right attempts to make is that the American Dream is to be able to lift yourself up from the bottom, climb the ladder of success and reap the benefits of your hard work. In order to be able to do this, you should not have to give any of the money you earned to those who have not made the sacrifices that you did to get where you are.

    This is Classicism, plain and simple. You think that you are better than other people because you’ve “earned” your money and you want to keep it. This was your first mistake.

    Your second mistake was thinking that the people listed in this article earned all the money that they had in their net worth in January 2007. You probably think the Enron executives had earned all their money, too.

    Your third mistake was thinking that we are envious of them, that they were able to “earn” all that money from their “hard work” and that we want their money without having to do all the “hard work” that they did to get it.

    No sir, we are merely the average people who don’t have the black souls these men did to rake in as much cash as possible at the expense of other people. We are gleefully enjoying our schadenfreude as these men lose their overinflated value because they made a great many poor gamble that got them huge returns in the short run, but set in motion the system-wide cascade failure of the sanctioned money laundering system we are seeing today.

    Since we do not spend our time making questionable agreements with one another on things that are not necessarily guaranteed the value that we say they are, we do not need to worry about our investments suddenly becoming of no value. We are not that stupid.

  15. paul says:

    Some of these guys still have way too much. Look at Stan O’Neal he should have the 40 million taken from him, as it was stolen from clients and shareholders. Then he should be sent to prison along with most of merrill management.

  16. Icallbull says:

    Except for one, they’re all still millionaires! So a few of them will have to skimp on jet fuel for a while…

  17. Lividd says:

    #9 Aussie, I think I want all your babies! and #14 Steffen, that was the best ever reply to a troll I have ever had the pleasure to read Thankyou.

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  19. Githa says:

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