October 2011

Social networking sites were originally created to connect people, but today’s sites do so much more. Everyone knows that successful careers are built on who you know. So, whether you’re looking for a new job or just wanting to move up in your field, these ten sites can help you move forward.

LinkedIn – The site for professional connections, leads, and jobs. These are all business people, and that’s what you’re looking for. Making connections is an essential part of any career, and, should you find yourself looking to change companies, start a new career, or simply move up in your field, you want a wide range of people to help you achieve your goal.
Facebook – The go-to site for everyone now, Facebook overtook MySpace as the most popular social networking site and caters to millions of users. The ability to make connections and renew acquaintances allows Facebook users to connect with current co-workers and potential employers they may never have come across in the real world. Be careful of what you post and who you friend though, employers will check you out. Join groups that show what kind of worker you are, and avoid things that could reflect negatively.
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This won’t take long, but think about the message and act accordingly.

Never, ever, in the history of the investment world has a major correction in the stock market not been a major buying opportunity — particularly in Investment Grade Value Stocks (IGVS).

Always, every time and without exception, the general media has predicted the end of the financial world, financial experts have pointed out the remarkable differences from the last correction, and investors everywhere have been encouraged to take their losses and sit on cash or gold until the smoke clears.

Every time, the short sighted fear mongers have been wrong. Not just most of the time mind you — absolutely all of the time. Similarly, the investing public has always been mesmerized into a take-no-further-action coma by whomever and whatever they listen to.

At the same time, every time, without exception, while the financial markets plummet out of control down the most recent “Double Black Diamond” Wall Street favorite, the few investors who practice Market Cycle Investment Management are collecting IGVSs in their cash rich shopping carts, preparing for the next “Silver Bullet” up the mountain.

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The true enemy is not necessarily Wall Street and its counterparts, it is the Federal Reserve. Wall Street’s greed created the housing bubble and subsequent collapse but it was saved by both the US Treasury and FR. The FR secretly loaned $1.2 trillion in public money to Wall Street firms before the Treasury even stepped in. The FR is the safety net for the criminals of Wall Street and until that source is cut, Wall Street will remain backed by the most powerful corporation in the United States.

Why aren’t these protest taking place where it needs to be: Washington DC. Where they piss away 90% of OUR money on bloated bureaucracies with regulations that encourage businesses to move overseas and entitlement programs that keep people reliant on govt. instead of earning a living and some self respect. I have no problem with govt. assistance when it’s needed, but it’s a way of life for too many people. At least Wall Street earned theirs.

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