Buddha was born into wealth as a prince, but as a young adult he chose to turn his back on material wealth in order to focus on a spiritual life. Yet many of Buddha’s teachings give us the exact wisdom we need in order to create great material wealth. Only a Buddha can explain to the world the truth related to the world …. start with a relatively small bankroll and actually become a multimillionaire.

In the Dhammapada, (the essential teachings of Buddha) Buddha begins by telling us that everything in our life comes from our thoughts. He says that whatever we want in life has to begin in our thoughts, then we put it into our words and then into our actions. If we are consistent across thoughts, words and actions then we create our world to be as we desire it to be.

This teaching is the absolute essence of how wealth is created. First we must build riches in our mind.

In order to become wealthy you have to imagine yourself as wealthy. You have to believe that wealth is a natural state for you. You don’t achieve this, as many uninformed people suggest, by imagining an exact dollar amount by an exact date. I do not know a single wealthy person who has done that.

The way you create a state of wealth in your mind is to imagine the life that you would be living when you are wealthy. Imagine the freedom and opportunities that having a large amount of money could open up for you.

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