From simple colds and viruses to life-threatening diseases, any kind of health problem can put a huge strain on your pocketbook. By adopting certain habits you cannot only save money on fewer doctor’s visits and medications, you can preserve your cash in other ways.

Below are eight frugal living tips that will actually lengthen your lifespan.

1. Quit Smoking
Although quitting may be easier said than done, it is a no-brainer that doing so will cut costs and help save your life. The CDC actually offers a helpful guide to quitting smoking, which could be a great resource when you decide to put down the tobacco once and for all.

2. Stop Tanning
There is a growing fad for people of all ages and cultures to look bronzed. If you are seeking the warmth of a tanning bed in order to look a certain way, then it is time you stopped. Quitting now will decrease your chances of developing malignant melanoma.

3. Cancel Your Paid Television
It is obvious how this will save money, but you may not see the direct connection to your health. Simply put, it will get you off that couch and encourage you to pursue more active, healthy activities.


4. Drink Only Water
Water is essential for good health and you should definitely be drinking a minimum of eight glasses per day, maybe even more. By ditching all other beverages for simple tap water, you will also save a considerable amount of money.

5. Wear Sensible Shoes
This is a hard message to get across to many women, as they seem to think they are better off in stylish, expensive shoes. Not so, as many high-end shoes are terrible for your back and posture. This can, in turn, lead to other problems. Opt for sensibly priced, comfortable shoes – both your wallet and your back will thank you for it.

6. Avoid the Drive-Thru
Eating out while on the go can nickel and dime your pocketbook until there is nothing left. Not only that, but the food is often terribly unhealthy.

7. Eat Slowly
When you eat too quickly, you will often overeat as a result. This will likely cause you to spend more money on larger portions and it will also contribute to digestive issues. Take it easy when you start a meal and finish at your leisure.

8. Relax at Home
Rather than going out on the town when you have some free time, save your money and have a relaxing night in. Believe it or not, your stress level will be reduced when you can relax in a calm atmosphere. This, in turn, improves your overall health.

By following the above advice, you will save a ton of money. Luckily, you will have many more years to enjoy that saved money, as you will also be much healthier. Many people sacrifice health for money or vice versa, but it is possible to have it all by improving your everyday habits.

* Helen Anderson is a regular writer at Bankaholic. She also take up freelance writing work from other blogs. Her area of specializations are money, personal finance and economics.*