Make space for those goals in your life. That seems an obvious statement doesn’t it. But what if you want to study a course that will help you to further your career. Take a look at your life and see how much time do you actually have available.

Will a new goal fit into your life if you are already rushing every day to complete the tasks you have to do in terms of your commitments to work, your relationship with your partner, the time with your elderly parents, the hobby you have, the musical instrument you are trying to learn, the marathon you want to run for the first time and never mind keeping in touch with your friends?

Where in the busy schedule would a course fit? Not very likely. But you sign up for it anyway. Within the first month you find yourself not attending the evening classes and not handing in assignments. You just don’t have time.

You need to make way for that goal if you are serious about achieving it. University Business Schools know all about the falls off rate of students who sign up for MBA’s or Management Advancement Programs.

The drop out rate is something like 40% within the first term of the course and only about 70% or so finish. And yet at sign up time every student is informed as to how much time they will need to free up for this course.


Somehow in our minds the time available to us has an elasticity that has no boundary. Of course this is not the case and many times we set ourselves up for failure by not de-cluttering our lives sufficiently to make time to achieve a goal we have set.

Examine your day and see where you spend your time. What of the time is being wasted on non-essential activities, which of those can be let go and which activities have to be kept. Get rid of the clutter that keeps you frantically busy but that gets you absolutely nowhere.

We all have mountains of clutter around. This could be physical clutter that means that every time we are looking for something it takes twice the time to find. It could be tasks that we have taken on ourselves such as doing all the housework while our partner watches TV that easily eliminate our free time.

Or it could just be too many repetitive activities such as running to clear the mail once a day instead of once a week, or finding a quicker route to work, or using an easier shop close by for the daily grocery requirements. All it needs is a closer look at what you fill your day with and with some clever planning you could free substantial time for all sorts of great achievements.

Check against everything you do in a regular day whether this needs doing or whether it can be relegated to the trash can of bad habits. You will be surprised how much time you spend on aimless tasks that add no value to your life.

Just alone canceling some of the time spent in front of the TV could help you find the time needed to attain a wonderful goal such as learning a new language.