1699h0068.jpgMistakes happen, and it seems as if they pop up on bills quite frequently. How closely do you read your statements, receipts and bills? Do you take the time to review the actual charges, or do you simply assume that the bill is correct. Remember that when it comes to numbers, errors happen frequently.

For example, one time my bank was even wrong on my statement. The computer added something incorrectly. Sometimes numbers get transposed when they are entered into the computer — you have to double check. On another ocassion I was charged $200 on my Visa card as card replacement fees, which actually should have been $20.

It is estimated that consumers lose millions making unnecessary overpayment’s on accounts each year. For example, cellular bills are notorious for being wrong.

There are many things to look for when you are spending money and paying bills. The most common thing to happen when you are shopping is that you are charged the wrong price for an item. Make sure that if you buy something on sale you are given the appropriate sale price. Know the price of the items you are buying.

Once, I bought two bars of chocolate. The cashier accidentally pushed the two button and the three button, charging me for 23 bars of chocolate. I knew that the total didn’t sound right and checked the receipt before I left the store.


You should always review your receipt before you leave a store. There are many instances of scanning twice by mistake or entering the wrong number. I’ve had checkers not know the difference between types of produce and charge me for a costlier fruit than the one I purchased. You will find that there are mix ups.

When reading bills, first make sure that you are being charged for the correct service. Make sure that you aren’t being billed twice for the same product or service. If you don’t receive a product or haven’t ordered the service, you shouldn’t pay for it.

One of the newest ways to frustrate your life is the bundling or consolidating of services onto one bill. The bills are much more difficult to read, leaving the chance for a mistake. I know that our cellular bill is quite complicated as there are two phone lines and a data line. We have a mistake sometimes on our bill.

If you don’t understand what you are being billed for, you need to get clarification before you pay the bill. So many government and miscellaneous charges are added to bills. You need to know what the charges are and how they are calculated.

Review every bill you receive and you will find that you do catch mistakes and save money.