If you need to cut your debt costs, a quick and easy way is to transfer your credit card balances to an introductory rate credit cards. In other words, you can get credit cards with low interest (or better still no interest at all).

Such special offers are designed to encourage people to swap credit card companies in return for a honeymoon period in which they pay little or no interest. Of course, the purpose is to gain a lot of customers who do in fact end up paying interest.

You can get credit cards with low interest from a number of different credit card providers. Monthly credit card interest costs place such a burden on many families that they struggle to meet everyday needs as a result. You can transfer your balance again as your low or zero interest periods come to an end. By doing this, you can ensure you are always paying little or no interest on your credit card balance.

No annual fee credit cards imply no charge for annual servicing of your account. No annual fee credit products may also include a balance transfer fee card offers card.

Most people who get credit cards with low interest or no interest do not think to transfer their balance to other balance transfer credit cards to avoid interest rates. It is certainly not an advertised strategy. However, if you have a large balance which will not be paid off within the special rate period, it is in your best interest to continue to transfer your balance until you have paid off your credit card entirely.


All in all, the decision to get credit cards with low interest can make a profound difference to your financial position. You and your family can breathe easier immediately and in the long term you will find yourself debt free and able to build wealth. It’s worth the small inconvenience required to gain such a substantial benefit.