462961b2-00345-049d3-400cb8e1_cyvzubkw4x1mThe year 2008 has entered the record books for all of the wrong reasons; the Dow Jones had its worst year ever! So what about 2009, how will stock markets from around the world perform and which are the stocks to follow?

Well in reality you need a crystal ball to be able to answer these questions. 2009 may well be another tough year.

I am a person who enjoys investing on the stock markets and I have to say that I am a bit of a gambler; I am quite prepared to take a risk with my disposable income in the hope that I can increase it etc. Just a quick note however, I am a financial adviser and anything that I write or suggest in this article should not be seen as advice.

I personally believe in investing an amount of money (an amount that I can afford) on a monthly basis instead of investing lump sums. This way I am able to take advantage of what is commonly referred to as Dollar cost averaging in the United States. This is where when prices are high your monthly contribution may buy fewer shares or fund units but that when prices are low your investment buys more shares or fund units.

During these volatile times this method of investing may prove to be the most prudent. Even though stock markets had a very poor 2008 and is therefore quite low there may well be significant falls ahead.
Call me a little crazy if you like but I think (and am also putting my money where my mouth is) that the areas to invest in 2009 could be Russia, China, India and Brazil. I personally invest in individual stocks and also I actually purchase units in what is called a collective investment.

The stock market should present you with a lot of hot stocks in 2009. Many of them are going to be new technology stocks that come from the nanotech, biotech, energy, healthcare, communications or internet sectors. Let’s all hope that 2009 is more prosperous, financially, than 2008! Good luck.