You’ve written your goals down for the year. You’ve identified the little steps you want to take to achieve the goals and you feel positive that this time you will be able to attain your goals. It’s time that you finally you get around achieving those goals.

None of the above steps are going to ensure you have success in reaching your goals. They are great ones to work towards a goal, but there are many further processes that will need to be completed as well to ensure that you reach your dreams.

One critical process that will help you with achieving your aims is to evaluate and check your progress every day. The best time for this is in the evenings just before going to bed. Consider this preparation time spent to help you with the next day’s tasks.

This is the time when you acknowledge your successes, review your goals, focus on what you wish to happen in your future and make plans to accomplish them. Specifically you want to know what you will be doing the following day to work towards your goals.

If one of your main goals is to lose weight then you will reflect on how much exercise you managed to fit into your busy day, how well you stuck to that healthy eating plan you had set up for the day and how you felt about yourself all round.


Then you plan the next day’s steps to move towards your goals. What activity could you fit in to help you work a bit further? Where could you improve your skills and how could you swap that packet of choc-chip cookies that you like to reward yourself with, with something that wasn’t a food item. Would you have time for a soothing massage maybe?

On the other hand if your goal is to grow a business on the internet, then your checks and balances would be quite different. You would determine how many articles you managed to write, how much traffic that brought into your site.

You would check your statistics to see how many people signed up to your newsletters and if anybody bought your eBook. You would check your progress on your next eBook and make a note of the content you would develop for it.

After all of the evaluation you would decide on what to do the next day to bring you closer to your goal of a successful business. Many small steps that are easily achievable will make you reach your goal more easily.

But it’s not only making those small steps that’s important. It is also vitally important that you check your progress every day. This helps keep you focused on your goals. It makes you see that you are making progress which is always immensely encouraging and it ensures that you do not wander off the path.

For so much time in our lives we occupy ourselves with activities that kind of fall in our way. We spend hours browsing shops without having any idea what we want to buy. When we see it we know we will want it is our reasoning.

It’s the same with surfing the internet. We get stuck in a loop of reading a mountain of articles that are kind of interesting but add no value to our day or what we wish to achieve ourselves.

With so much information and so many stimuli constantly hitting our conscious mind we find it increasingly difficult to focus on what is good for us and what would add to where we want to be.

By focusing every evening on what our day delivered to us and what we made of it, and working on what we want to do the next day, we start training ourselves to be more selective in terms of the experiences we want to have and the goals we want to achieve.