Achieving ones goals will depend on celebrating the successes you have on your journey. Nobody likes to continue working on something when there are only defeats. It’s the successes that spur us on to achieve greater heights.

It’s therefore really important when working towards a goal to keep track of your successes. The best way to do this is to write them down, or journal those in a file on your computer or even better write about them on a blog.

There is also great project management software available online that allows you to keep accurate track of what’s happening on your journey towards your goals. Many of these are free if you use the basic entry level option.

Keeping such an accurate track of your successes makes you appreciate your achievements. It allows you to pat yourself on the back and to encourage yourself to achieve even more. It also provides you with a history of your activities which will allow you to reflect in future years on the steps that you took to reach your goals.

Set up your journal to show the day and date and then compile a list of activities that you completed during the day. If your goal is to lose weight you might want to fill in the first block of your journal with the point that your scale showed you had lost some weight.


That would make you feel good about yourself. To achieve further progress you might consider a personal trainer at the gym just to give yourself a bit more momentum in the exercise regime or you could work on the next day’s menu with nutritious fruit and veg to fill the whole day with so as not to need to grab that packet of crisps because you are hungry.

Looking at your success journal will allow you to work out the best experiences for the next day. It makes it clear in your mind what worked for you and what you need to do more of to continue your successes. Leaving your weight loss program to chance will lead you to miss reaching your goal.

Add to this powerful exercise by visualizing your next day and how it could be absolutely perfect for you. Imagine the day as you would like it to happen. You see yourself complete your work quickly so that you have time to enjoy your day at the gym and even add a quick swim to your exercise regime and maybe extend those precious minutes in the sauna.

You see yourself having time to really enjoy that healthy salad you have planned for lunch instead of having to resort to grabbing a quick hot dog to fill that hole in the stomach. You see your day run smoothly and efficiently with many friendly and helpful people making it a pleasurable experience.

With such a wonderful day you will feel that you can go home happily and that you won’t need to relax with that bottle of wine that you know will pile on the pounds faster than you can exercise them off. You have had such a great day you just know your body is loving you and your scale will show the effect by dipping further.

Visualizing your ideal day will help you create it. By doing this at night just before you go to sleep your subconscious mind will have the opportunity of working on it for you and helping you make it a reality.