You might not see how the past affects your ability to reach goals in the future. How can your past life affect what’s going to happen in years ahead? It is really quite important to understand that your past experiences affect you strongly in all you do.

Some of these past experiences may hinder you directly in working towards a goal and some might just be slight hurdles. In all cases these memories can affect you as to how well you do when heading towards a new goal.

Some of you go through life dragging an imaginary anchor around with you. It slows you down, it makes you unable to react to the changes in your life and it certainly weighs you down when trying to work towards new goals.

Releasing that weight would enable you to move quicker and succeed more easily. Perhaps that’s you holding on to past hurts, past incompletes, past resentments, anger or fear. Yet letting go of those anchors could be what you need so that you can fly into the future.

Have you allowed past failures to slow you down in achieving new successes? Have you remembered a friend telling you that you will never achieve anything? Do you remember the teacher at school who told you, you were an idiot and couldn’t do anything anyway?


What about your parents? Did they always encourage you as much as you thought you needed? Did they support you with your school activities and sporting endeavours or did they show no interest?

What have those people done to your confidence in moving forward and achieving new successes? Have they kept you back because you remembered what they said about you? Do your memories of anger, resentment and desire for revenge make you waste valuable energy that could be used to better effect in attaining success?

It’s important to move forward in your life with love and forgiveness. Forgive those who have hurt you, who might have lied to you or stolen from you. Maybe they gossiped behind your back or cheated on you. That doesn’t mean you condone their action, but just that you are letting go.

Letting go will release all that negative energy and will provide you with newfound momentum to perform in your life and attain successes that you might have never thought possible to achieve.

Best way to achieve this release is to actually note down all the people you need to forgive by creating a list showing anyone who has hurt you. Work on each of these hurts until you are able to forgive them.

The release of new-found energy will amaze you. Negativity can be unbelievably draining and in many cases can even be harmful to your health.

Yet it is one of the hardest things to do. Forgiving somebody and letting go of hurts and resentments is the biggest life challenge you face. You feel that these people who have hurt you have made you lose your confidence and contributed to your inability to succeed in life.

It’s not these people who have hurt you that are holding you back from earning the successes you deserve to have. It’s the fact that you are allowing those hurts to hold you back that is so damaging. For your own sake forgive the people who have hurt you. It will clear the way to personal achievements you wouldn’t otherwise even dream of reaching.