Banking is more sensitive business than the other. The online banking makes it more sensitive because all the information and financial transactions take place online.

Reports of rampant Internet fraud and identity theft have led many to conclude that the convenience of online banking and shopping isn’t worth the risk.

That would be the wrong conclusion. The majority of ID theft occurs outside cyberspace. Banks, credit-card issuers and online retailers are rolling out more effective security features.

And there’s plenty you can do on your own to build a Star Wars-worthy force field around your personal data.

1. Once you open an online banking account either personal or current business account than you must get the details by mail like your account number, customer identification number, online access username and password as well as ATM card PIN number etc. You can get all the details in sealed enveloped by post so you must keep all the details in the safer place. Please do not disclose to anybody

2. Online banking business is based on SSL security and Java Script. All transaction you make or all information you feed online will convert into an encryption so there are nil chances to get an access on the customer information.

3. Use credit, not debit. The pay-as-you-go ethos of debit cards is good financially, but for security purposes, credit cards have the edge. They act as a buffer: If your card is misused, you won’t be out actual money before you resolve the situation.


Credit-card issuers also have greater legal obligations when it comes to how much they can hold you responsible for and how quickly you have to report fraud before you’re on the hook.

4. Another most important consideration is do not disclose a your login details and password. It is most important to change your password every time. Please also make sure that un-tick login details and password remember request from the computer. If you are not able to perform such task on other PC than there may be a chances for someone to access your account.

5. You must have to monitor your online banking account carefully. If you find any unknown transaction to other account than you can immediately call to the customer care department for further scrutiny.

6. It is most important for you to put the login details at a safer place.

The online banking is safe till you cant disclosed or make sure to share your personal details to other or through e-mail or online. Once customer get smarter to manage online account, it makes all online banking transaction safer.