22762432.jpgI am a bit of a gambler but am not the normal type of punter who you may see in the bookmakers on a Saturday afternoon. I am the kind of gambler who only likes to bet on what you might call a racing certainty. I love the thrill of all things to do with gambling but in my opinion there is nothing better than riding the stock market wave. What I mean by this is attempting to make money from investing in stocks and shares, trying to predict when to buy and sell etc. In this article I will write about the reasons why I believe more people should invest on the stock market.

Some people avoid the stock market because “it’s too risky.” But it can be riskier to not invest. If you put all your savings under your mattress, it probably won’t be enough to sustain you in retirement. If it’s all in a bank account earning 3% per year, on average, then that will barely keep up with inflation, at most. You can do better than that.

Many reasons for many people to do investments, one that can be very common to most of us is to make money. There are also personal reasons that you’ll want to start or join an investment club. You’ll finally have the opportunity to play the stock market in a safe environment that may be low risk and lets you learn more about a subject that greatly interests you.

Now firstly it is important to mention that what I write in this article should not be seen as advice, it is merely my opinion on the subject of investing on the stock market. I am fifty-three years of age and I have a long term strategy when it comes to investments. Over the shorter term of, lets say one to three years, the stock market may not prove to be that profitable, if at all. For this reason this type of investment may not be suitable for some people who are over the age of sixty.

Over a period of five to ten years I have a great deal of confidence that the stock market will out perform any type of growth that you could find from putting your money into a deposit type account. These are the accounts that you might find offered by a bank or building society.

There are a vast number of options open to you, these will be dependent on your overall attitude to risk. For the really daring investor, someone who is willing to put their money into a high risk investment, you could be looking at investing in the shares of a single company. This could be a company on the Dow Jones or one from the FTSE 100, for example.

I personally like to invest monthly into stocks and shares. This smooths out the peaks and troughs of the stock market, this is something which is known in the industry as pound cost averaging.

I have made money from stocks and shares over the last thirty years and believe that I will continue to do so in the future. I hope you will too!