candy31.jpgPersonal finance blogging is a great way for both professionals and dabblers to share their personal knowledge with the world. With the right resources, just about anyone can be a successful personal finance blogger. Take a look at these helpful resources that will make launching your PF blog easy and fun.

1. Ask for help on sites like Ask Shane and ProBlogger: Don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow bloggers to ask for advice. Use these sites to learn from the experience and mistakes of others. Once upon a time even professional bloggers were starting out just like you and they can be an invaluable source of guidance and advice.

2. Learn to code: You don’t need to become a coding expert, but it will help to learn the basics of the most common coding languages used in blogging. You’ll be able to better customize your blog both to your own design and to the needs of your readers. Check out these online resources for learning HTML, CSS and XHTML.

3. Concentrate on content first: While it’s tempting to get caught up in designing a swanky layout for your site, content should always be your first priority. Develop good articles first, and worry later about how they look. Use this article from SEOmoz for instruction on how to generate great content for your site.

4. Guide to creating hooks: Your hook is what lures readers onto your site in the first place, and this guide can help you develop a good one. Whether you’re banking on humor or your investigative reporting skills to entice readers, always make sure your hooks are top-notch or readers won’t return.


5. WordPress Themes: Most blogs come with a default template, but if you want to have a professional-looking blog, you’re going to want to use something more customized. Modify a pre-made layout or learn how to make your own.

6. Subscribe to comments plugin: Make sure you’ve installed this plugin so that readers can subscribe to comments. If readers take the time to comment on your site, they’ll want to be able to see the responses to their comments, and it will make them come back to your site again and again.

7. Carnival of Personal Finance: Participating in finance-related blog carnivals can be a great way to network with other bloggers and get your blog’s name out there. Just don’t forget to link to the carnival from your blog.

8. Money Blog Network: Make your presence known in the personal finance blogging world by joining forums. The Money Blog Network forums are a great place to start meeting other bloggers and make connections.

9. Reader Appreciation Project: Use this website to give you ideas on how to make sure your readers feel valued and thus more likely to return to your site. Remember, your blog is only as good as your readers think it is.

10. FeedShot: For a small fee, you can submit your blog to the blog directory service FeedShot, which allows you to bring more traffic to your site by making it easier to find.

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