22778734.jpgThe recipe for a successful business meal seems deceptively easy. “Let’s meet for lunch,” you tell a client or associate. You get together. You talk business. A business lunch is never about lunch, it’s about business.

The self-made rich don’t get there by accident. They weren’t broke up until one day when they went to their mailbox they found that someone had left them a check for a few million dollars. The self-made rich got rich because of what they know, how they think, what they do and how they do it.

Do you think that if you knew what they know thought like they thought, and did the things that they do, in the same way that they do them, that you too may become rich? I think that you would find that indeed you would become rich by following that formula.

But why take them to lunch (or dinner)? The self-made rich have learned that their time is very valuable. You may be able to buy some of their consulting time but it won’t come cheap.

But even the rich have to eat sometime. Also, when that rich person is having lunch he is probably more relaxed and open to conversation.

What do you think a self-made rich person likes to talk about? You will probably find that his two favorite topics of conversation are himself and the things that he is doing to make money. The self-made rich get that way by following their passion and learning how to leverage that passion so that it provides them with a large amount of money.

Okay. Why should you pay for lunch? After all, that rich person can afford to pay much more easily than you can.

In order to become rich you have to develop rich thinking. Expecting a person who has just given you a fortune’s worth of free information to then pay for his own lunch is definitely poverty thinking. With an attitude like that you will never become rich.

Rich people know how to give and how to receive, and above all they know how and when to show appreciation and gratitude. By developing those same qualities in yourself you will open your mind to the style of thinking that will allow you to also become rich.

You may be thinking “but what if I can’t afford to buy lunch?” All the more reason why you need to develop rich thinking or you’ll continually find that you can’t afford to buy lunch.

Poor people tend to have a hand out mentality. They expect the government and the rich to pay the bills and they always have their hand out for something for nothing. Something for nothing is 100% poverty thinking.

The rich understand the law of reciprocity. That law states that you reap what you sow. You have to give in order to receive. Most rich people are getting rich by giving valuable solutions or happiness to a large number of people.

The average person has helped virtually no-one and in fact expects others to help them whenever they need help. As a result they are broke.

I suggest that you read this article a second time and think about what is being said. Then, if the message is sinking in, think how you could take a self-made rich person to lunch or dinner and pickup the tab.