An audio book is a voice recording of written material. An audio book is often referred to as a book on tape, as a cassette tape was initially the format offered when the audio books first appeared on the market in the 1980’s.

Many retailers did not see the need for these audio books, but the books gained popularity quickly. Now there are many websites dedicated to providing free audio book downloads to everyone. There is really no limit to the genres available to you through free audio books downloads.

Audio fiction books, nonfiction, research, even cookbooks are now available. There are many different download formats available as well. You are now able to choose to download a free audio book in MP3 or iPod formats, enabling you to listen while walking, running, or other forms of exercise.

Books will always be part of our lives. It has been in existence for many centuries and it will continue to exist until the end of time. People have protected books from being burned. They went through great lengths to preserve it such as burying it deep into the ground so it will be passed on from generation to generation. So books will be a constant presence in our lives from the moment we were born up until we die.

Have you noticed that books have been evolving? There was a time when all we had are pages of a manuscript. Now, books are in all kinds of forms. We have the paperback books, the hardbound books, comics, magazines, e-books, Audio Books and others. No matter what form of book that we prefer, it will still be the same.
Books can still take us to far off places. It will continue to take us to places where we have never been to before. Books will carry us to the highest heavens and down to the deepest dungeons. It will continue to teach us new things and will reaffirm what we already know. Books will always work in sync with our imagination. This may be the reason why Audio Books are so popular these days. It brings reading books to a whole new level.

Audio Books are so convenient to use that you can listen to one of the Audio Books and do another thing altogether, like doing the laundry, driving a car or washing the dishes. Our generation are experts at multitasking and so it only normal to listen to one of the audio books while cleaning the bathroom at the same time. Blame it on technology because everything is fast-paced now.

We have everything that we need with just one click. However, these advantages brought on certain disadvantages such as everything is so fast that we no longer have the luxury nor the time to stop and smell the flowers.